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The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (2014, JC Staff)

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The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (2014, JC Staff)

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Sorata Kanda is an art student who is caught taking care of a cat in the student dorm. Determined to continue looking after it, he is given the choice of living at Sakurasou instead as punishment, a place infamous for talented but weird art students. Misaki, a shamelessly perverted girl who'd happily take on comical personalities, Jin a playboy who sleeps around with different women everyday, Ryunosuke the prodigy shut-in and Chihiro the sloppy alcoholic, irresponsible teacher who supervises the dorm. It ends up being more than what Sorata could handle and decides his new goal is to escape the crazy place.

However, he was also happy in a way because of it gave his mundane daily repetitive life a change. One day, a new girl appears to stay at the dorm. Just as Sorata thought there was finally someone sane, it turns out the new girl Shiina Mashiro completely lacked common sense and because of that didn't take care of herself too well. Just like how he couldn't leave the white cat he had decided to take in, Sorata soon finds himself looking after the "pet girl". As time goes by, he soon learns that everyone has their own problems - even the talented, happy looking. As he changes his mind about leaving, together they go through the ups and downs of life.

So the premise is similar to Maison Ikkoku with a whole bunch of crazy people living together but without the heavy romance and more silliness. Oh, and your usual high school student setup. I decided to watch this because I really enjoyed AoButa also based on Hajime Kamoshida's light novels. It starts out feeling really random at first but then it becomes a fan service filled comedy mostly as both the mischievous Misaki and innocent "pet girl" Shiina ends up in some erotic situations like flying lingerie, wet clothes etc. It's your familiar Anime girls troupe with your usual cliche scenes except it's not a harem this time round.

Just like AoButa it has its serious side too and you'll probably end up cheering the characters on as you watch them do their best to overcome their problems even when life isn't always so rosy. There are some warm fuzzy moments of friendship as the bonds between the residents of Sakurasou grow as they get to know each other and of course, romance. Instead of a whole bunch of girls fighting for the same guy different characters are paired up. There's a lot of fun and cute interactions and, it really picks up half way through the show when the silliness gets toned down. For the most part, the pacing and direction's great but there are times it feels like the show falls flat on its face.

Art itself isn't that great, very plain looking although the colour scheme it uses stands out and quality picks up when it counts. Sometimes they overuse diffused lighting effects. Theme songs are catchy, especially the ending themes. "Days of Dash" really suit the show. Never noticed Yui Horie playing as Ryunosuke considering the cute feminine characters she usually voices.

If I had to pick between this and AoButa, I think the latter has the better balance. It has a lot less fan service and the silly mysterious cases of Adolecense Syndrome were more captivating. I also preferred the witty dry humour compared to the comical jokes this show has. Still, this show has some great moments and a fun cast of characters even though they have your very cliche Anime type personalities. If you prefer a (mostly) happier romance slice-of-life, comedy show with a lot more silliness in it and don't mind the fan service (including loli ones), you'll probably enjoy this. Just a shame it goes overboard sometimes as if the producers are trying to add some insurance in but, overall a great show full of laughter and tears.

Pet Girl of Sakurasou

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