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SSSS.Dynazenon (2021, Trigger)

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SSSS.Dynazenon (2021, Trigger)

Worth A Watch

One day, highschool student and part-timer Yomogi Asanaka is on his way home and meets a starving man named Gauma, a self-proclaimed "Kaiju user". After generously giving him a leftover sandwich Gauma swears he would repay him one day and ends up following him around. One day a girl named Yume Minami infamous for asking boys out but later standing them up asks Yomogi out too but both suddenly find themselves inside a giant mecha named, "Dynazenon" together with Gauma. Unemployed Koyomi Yamanaka and his cousin Chise Asakawa also happens to get caught up while out watching the fight.

They soon learn Kaiju Eugenicists are controlling the Kaijus and wrecking havoc across the city. And so, the new pilots accept their new roles without a second thought, practicing to become better, learning why Kaiju are appearing in the world as well as Gauma's part.

Aesthetically the show looks great and noticed all the main characters have brightly coloured eyes. It's got a nice ending animation and tune, "Strobe Memory". Fan service wise, it's probably quite mild compared to Trigger's other works with your usual awkward camera angles, a pool episode. Music also happens to be composed by Shiro Sagisu best known for his compositions for Evangelion and also Nadia Secret of Blue Water. "All This Time" with vocals by Hazel Fernandes is a pretty catchy song.

Taking place in the same universe as the previous show Gridman, it's quite a different start but it has its signature over-the-top enthusiastic-filled, action comedy direction Trigger shows have. Other than that, I think the only common feature are the mecha and Kaiju fights.

It's not as mysterious either because everyone can see the Kaiju so there isn't much surrealness. Kaiju are more like an everyday occurrence in this world setting. On top of that, the new pilots just go with everything like it's just the norm. They even hang around with the enemy like it's nothing too. I guess part of the entertainment is watching them fit their daily lives around their new hero roles with a complete stranger and as part of those new bonds, start to face and resolve their own personal problems.

It has quite a few "slice-of-life" scenes with long pauses which I don't quite get other than, maybe they're trying to show how comfortable characters are in each other's company?

Not a bad watch but I prefer the previous show.


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