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Seven Days War (2019, Ajia-do Animation Works)

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Seven Days War (2019, Ajia-do Animation Works)

Bokura no Nanokakan Sensou

Worth A Watch

Aya Chiyono's father is given an opportunity to reach the next level of his political career and because of that, she was going to have to move from the rural Hokkaido to Tokyo. Her next door neighbour and also history maniac, Mamoru Suzuhara grew up with her and had always taken a liking to her. After learning of the news soon, they come up with the idea of making her 17th birthday a memorable one by running away to the local abandoned coal factory and hiding for the seven days leading up to it. However, things don't go quite as expected when they discover a young illegal immigrant has also been using the place as a hideout. And so begins the seven day war as the group of classmates work together to protect the immigrant from the authorities.

Saw a trailer of this movie and was interested in seeing it. Based on a novel of the same name there's also an older 1980s live action movie adaptation too. Was surprised it was also by Ajia-do, the studio that produced Kakushigoto. A fun opening even though it's your usual highschoolers messing around then your boy meets childhood sweetheart. And of course, your cliche moving away drama, threatening to tear the couple apart.

Or so it seems.

It then develops into more of a Home Alone meets AnoHana where it's a whole bunch of youths vs adults kind of comedy with friends opening up to each other. Only thing is those scenes are very brief. Even though the title says seven days, it's actually a lot shorter than that as some days are skipped or extremely brief.

Background art by Kusanagi itself is quite nice filled with your usual summery blue skies and other vivid colours associated with similar youth, growing up themes. Characters are lively, fun to watch even though one or two are your cliche Anime personality.

As it's an every day setting you'll be to sure to find the odd moment to relate to. Fairly enjoyable.

Seven Days War

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