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Promare (2019, Trigger)

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Promare (2019, Trigger)


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A series of mysterious "human combustions" occur around the world causing what was now known as the "Great World Blaze" and today, a team is formed to tackle such situations Burning Rescue Team. Galo Thymos is the latest hot-headed recruit who is always ahead of himself and it manages to help him capture the leader of the Mad Burnish Terrorists. After being rescued by the governor, he had aspired to become like him a hero. However, when the leader of the Mad Burnish escape and Galo meets Lio once again, he sees a different side of the Burnish and starts to rethink his ways.

I enjoy quite a few of Trigger's shows such as Kill La Kill and Darling in The Franxx. However, I'm not a fan of its cel-shaded 3D animation style this time.

The story is as far fetched as with Trigger's other original story shows but its action scenes are as captivating as ever. Galo just reminds me of Kamina from Gurenn Lagann, both blue-haired and hot-headed. Funnily enough the character designer Shigeto Koyama did help with the design works book for that show.

If you enjoy the usual silliness, fan service (it's actually really mild in this movie) and action oriented Trigger story, you'll enjoy this.


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