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Laid-Back Camp (2018, C-Station)

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Laid-Back Camp (2018, C-Station)

Yuru Camp

Worth A Watch

Rin Shima is a regular off-season camper who enjoys the quiet time alone. While camping out at one of the popular five lakes around Mount Fuji, Lake Motosu one day she comes across cheery but also klutsy, overly naive Nadeshiko Kagamihara who just moved into the area nearby. Nadeshiko had just happened to sleep through the day near the camp site while trying to get a view of the mountain. Fortunately for her, she meets Rin and manages to get some food before calling someone to pick her up again. Mesmerised by the moonlit view of Mount Fuji, she is determined to go camping again and so she joins the Outdoors Club at her new school Motosu High where Rin just also happens to attend.

Art and animation itself is a bit average which is also the same for the backgrounds. Sometimes the character proportions can look a bit off and the 3D animation isn't well blended like other studios. A lot of the time places are completely desserted too so there isn't as much to render and animate. Quite a low budget show. Other than that, I think the only other thing stopping me from recommending this show is the setup which is your commonly used group of girls doing silly funny things.

Just like the title says, it's a very laid-back show based on a Manga of the same name. There's no drama unlike A Place Further Than The Universe, just a group of girls camping and chatting away leisurely with your usual funny reactions so it's a great show to wind down with. It's also a bit of an edutainment show where you end up learning about camping which is always a bonus when watching Anime. You'll also see this show's interpretation of Lake Suwa in Nagano which was also the same lake Lake Ito from Your Name was based on. There is the odd episode of fan service with your usual obligatory hot spring/bathing scene but that's about it. They're really brief and don't have any awkward actions or camera angles to spoil anything.

Beware of the blankie monsters.

S2 we see a bit of a flashback of how Rin got into camping before it's the new year's break for the girls, all going about their own laidback lives while doing temp jobs. It has its wholesome moments. Plenty of camping trivia too.

Bit of drama for our newbie campers too but not enough to ruin the whole laid back pacing of the show. You get a tour of Izu although it doesn't look like an easy place to get to.

Background art by Production Ai's great and suits the laid back pacing well. And for those of you who usually skip the OP, you'll miss out on the photos Rin looks at on her phone which are taken during scenes from the previous episode.

One thing for sure, if you're looking for a show full of happy, content faces this is it.

Movie then takes place 3 years after S2 when the girls are all grown up and working full time going about their separate lives. Plenty to relate to if you're in or been in that stage of life apart from the big project they take on.

It's not quite as peachy as the two season shows as the girls run into hurdles in their adult life. A lot of reflection.


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