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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War (2019, A-1 Pictures)

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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War (2019, A-1 Pictures)

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai [Kaguya-sama Wants to Be Confessed to]

Worth A Watch

Student President Miyuki Shirogane comes from an average school and was elected for his current role as a prodigy who excelled through tests. Vice-president Kaguya Shinomiya on the other hand comes from a wealthy family much like the rest of the students who attend Shuchiin Academy. Both have good feelings towards one another but due to their pride, "the first to confess is the loser" is the rule they go by. Miyuki tries his best not to confess and every time he's on the brink of uttering out something that has similar meaning he immediately finds a way to recover, dreaded to hear Kaguya mock him with the words, "Isn't that just adorable." Kaguya on the other hand goes to extremes to make Miyuki confess but needless to say, she is often misunderstood. Caught between the two is secretary Chika Fujiwara, Kaguya's best friend who is also clueless about how the two feel towards each other and often heats things up accidentally.

A show I wasn't intending to watch but saw people saying good things about it on Twitter so thought I'd give it a try, going in without knowing what it's about.

First impression was that it was like Gainax's KareKano, also a romcom featuring two prestigious students putting on a nice public face but isn't so well behaved when not in school. This show is more dialogue heavy and each episode are more like a collection of three shorts that feel like they're based on short 4 panel comics.

Art's simple and there isn't much variation since it's heavily dialogue dependent and mostly never leaves the student president room. As a romcom it doesn't deviate much from your fateful chances of coincidence of meeting and missing, all very cliche but the dialogue is original at least. The "fight" between the couple can be a bit overly chatty, a bit repetitive even as you know how both Miyuki and Kaguya are going to think anyway, Chika becomes the comic relief mostly. You'll probably learn how to say "Isn't that just adorable," by the end of the show. S2 resumes again with a great first episode bringing back the same hilarious comedy from the first. It's probably better than the first season even since I couldn't stop taking screencaps but it also has a very brief serious side to it.

Some people say watch the show just for Chika if anything. I agree. Especially episode 3's ending. It's very close to being a recommended show. A fun different kind of romcom that weighs heavier on the comedy side. Learn to eat ramen the "mini ramen" way. And yes, there is fan service for the guys although very rare in this short series.

But watch it for season 2 too as it gets really good giving some modern day issues a serious look.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

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