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Doraemon 2020: Nobita's New Dinosaurs (2020, Shin-ei Animation)

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Doraemon 2020: Nobita's New Dinosaurs (2020, Shin-ei Animation)

ドラえもん のび太の新恐竜
Doraemon: Nobita no Shin Kyōryū

Worth A Watch

Nobita is out at a dinosaur exhibit and after being ridiculed for failing to find fossils, he proclaims he will find real live dinosaurs to show to Jaian and Suneo. As he rushes away from the exhibit, he trips over an egg-shaped rock and had a feeling it could be a dinosaur egg. Returning home, he begs Doraemon to lend him his time control cloth so that he could hatch it. Doraemon was skeptical but one morning, the egg moves and from it, hatches not one but two baby dinosaurs and ones that aren't recorded in history too. And so, Nobita decides to raise them until they are old enough to survive themselves.

It's mostly a mish-mash of ideas from past movies, mostly from the two dinosaur movies before this. However, there's a few new gadgets to replace the ones used before and enough of a twist to make it different. It feels back to the old more gadget focus than the more character centric it's recently been. Funnily enough, they made the Fujio Doraemon Museum in Kawasaki the dinosaur exhibit; maybe because it was the 50th anniversary during the year this movie was screened. Unfortunately, the art didn't feel as great to look at as before.

Most of the newer original movies after Fujio's time haven't been that great but this turned out quite good with a great cameo too. Doraemon fans should like it.

Doraemon 2020: Nobita's New Dinosaurs

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