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Blood Blockade (2017, Bones)

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Blood Blockade (2017, Bones)

Kekkai Sensen

Worth A Watch

A gateway to the Beyond opened in New York City which meant the city was now known as "Hellsalem" as strange creatures and humans alike started living together. Leonardo travels to this city hoping to find a cure for her sister whose eyesight was taken during the incident while he gained the all seeing "God's Eyes". The ability earns him a place with the special organisation known as Libra who assist in incidents that involve demons the local forces can't handle.

If you watched the first season, this second season doesn't disappoint. Characters are still weird and wacky as ever but we see more of their own backstory this time. That sound effect we hear as we see those cheezy move names appear never gets old. Great combination of comedy and action as before.

Also, the artists must be big fans of Apple since you see both iPhones and Macs in the show.

Kekkai Sensen, Blood Blockade

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