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Death Note Anime, New Crazy OP and ED with Episode 20


Death Note Anime, New Crazy OP and ED with Episode 20

Was going to post about this Tuesday night but been really busy writing reviews, guides and uni work.

Screen 1

WTH happened to the Death Note OP?! Madhouse has truely gone mad with the new opening. But it looks so wicked that it's hilarious! I'm sure it surprised everyone who's been following the show.

  • Collage of Light's laughing maniac face.
  • Spinning Ryuuzaki with red eyes eating his sweets.
  • Ryuk chasing after an apple.
  • Misa's fan service.
  • Ryuuzaki "becoming" a martial artist.
  • Ryuk waving an apple around.
  • Lots of blood ridden images and evil eyes.

Watch it in action at everyone's favourite Youtube site.

Screen 2

I didn't like the song "What's Up, People?!" by Maximum the Hormones because it's too hard rock for me but now it just keeps playing away in my head. "Hey! Hey! Ningen fu** it. Ah, ningen... ningen su** it! (Hey! Hey! Humans fu** it. Ah, humans... humans su** it!)"... Er, yeah >_>

Screen 3

Now if only Light, Misa and L really did end up as friends. They make a pretty good trio but then the story would be too happy!

Screen 4

Anyway, here's more screenshots from the OP showing the points I mentioned above.

Screen 5

Screen 6

Screen 7

Screen 8

Screen 9

Screen 10

Screen 11

Screen 12

Screen 13

Screen 14

Screen 15

Screen 16

Ending "Zetsubou (Despair) Billy" wasn't so bad and I liked the way the animators are portraying Light's status. First there's the way he's gaining power by showing him in a suit and going up in a glass elevator. Then there's the part where he's walking through the rushing traffic unscathed like he's invincible, a new Death God.

Lots of good directing in this show.

Screen 17

Screen 18

Screen 19

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