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God of High School (2020, MAPPA)

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God of High School (2020, MAPPA)

갓 오브 하이 스쿨

Worth A Watch

Jin Mori is late for his first preliminary match of the day in the "God of High School" tournament in Seoul. Along the way he passes a thief who stole an old woman's purse and ends up meeting fellow combatants Han Daewi and Yoo Mira who he gets along with right away. Each of them were scouted by the administration behind the tournament and has a wish they want granted by winning the tournament; Jin wanted to become stronger so that he could be with his grandpa again, Mira wanted to keep her family's Moon Light Sword Style alive while Han needed immense funds to keep cure his friend.

However, there was something more to the tournament that the three new friends didn't know about. As they make their way through their matches, the friends learn more about each other's wishes and the true intentions behind the tournament.

Behind the scenes, the organisation behind GOH and a cult named "Nox" are both seeking out the fighter who possesses "The Key" for the ultimate Charyeok, an ability that allows someone to summon forth a other worldly being to fight for them.

Yes, this is actually an Anime based on a Korean Manga (AKA Manhwa, the Korean word for comics) so you'll find it full of Hangul and Korean names. And like a lot of Korean games I've played it's filled with voluptous female character designs. Other than that, it's actually fairly tame considering how sparse and brief the actual fan service scenes are. Characters look like they have bad colds with their red noses.

Music is very upbeat and hip-hoppy like a lot of KPOP. Art isn't really that great but the fights are intense and sometimes brutal; all super human abilities full of flashy move names too of course. The choreography's good enough for you to follow and feel those hits. For the first half it's fairly clean fisty fights but after that powers get involved and it gets gorey.

At points it feels like a mish mash of mainstream Anime show ideas but it's good to see the plot doesn't deviate from its title. It kind of becomes like Persona where the characters can summon beings (mostly East Asian gods) to fight for them or borrow their power. It got to the point where I was just waiting for a scene similar to, ""I am thou, thou art I..."

At first it seems like another action comedy show full of flashy over-exaggerated moves and super powers, characters looking for ever stronger opponents filled with flashy moves with a equally trope cast of characters. Well, almost... There's a lot of familiar setups and jokes but just a little variation. Starry-eyed Jin's fairly much like your other straight forward protagonists like Goku and Luffy but loves to over-exaggerate people who are in need of help.

Half way through it's quite enjoyable watching the three friends grow and support each other amidst the greater threat they've been roped into. There are some wholesome moments as the Charyeok lacking friends grow and support each other. I think the good thing is the show isn't afraid of letting the main cast lose although I guess the tournament setup kind of lets them keep characters around even when they do lose.

There's the odd extra scene after the credits so don't miss those in this mish-mash action comedy.

God of High School

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