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Code Geass R2 - Episode 10

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Code Geass R2 - Episode 10

Episode 10 Summary, When the Shen Hu Shines

Zero was now holding Tian Zi under gunpoint as he prepares to escape, questioning Xingkue if he could possibly offer Tian Zi freedom. Toudou drops through the roof with his modified Zangetsu and Chiba's Akatsuki in an attempt to capture Schneizel but unfortunately, Suzaku was already on the way with his Lancelot. He leaps into the air to face Suzaku as the others made their escape.

Using his new weapon upgrade, Toudou shields himself from Suzaku's opening shot giving him confidence that he could face Suzaku. As Suzaku prepares to fire again with the Hadron Cannon, Toudou positions himself in front of the Chinese Federation's Palace. With Suzaku distracted, he dashes it to attack managing to disable Suzaku's Floater and is told to withdraw having achieved his objective. Suzaku shouldn't be able to pursue them now.

Meanwhile, Xingkue's troops were being rounded up as the Euniches made arrangements to pursue Zero. They were surprised to find their radar system down but didn't expect Zero had disabled it since it's only been ten days since his arrival.

Kaguya was now trying to comfort Tian Zi as they drove towards the Ikaruga, remembering it was her dream to go outside. Toudou and Kallen were now shielding their units along the road from the airborne enemy with C.C. at the truck's wheel. Zero sat down before Tian Zi to explain his plans. He wanted other countries like the "United States of China" to join his United States of Japan to form an alliance to bring down Britannia and already had talks with India. Tian Zi drinking her juice tries to correct Zero that it was the "Chinese Federation" but shrinks back hearing his booming voice. He insists Tian Zi should consider taking action as the Euniches tried to sell her to the Britannians.

Seeing that Tian Zi wasn't really accustomed to such formal talks, Zero walks away as Kaguya steps in to ask if Tian Zi was engaged to Xingkue. She blushes and answers that they had only made a promise to go to the outside world six years ago.

Sitting down next to C.C. in the driver's seat, C.C. smiles at how he seemed to have given up on the talks. Tamaki, who was giving directions with a paper map, tries to take the opportunity to ask about his position but, Zero manages to avoid the question as they come across a ravine with no way across. The enemy were closing in around them but it was in fact part of Zero's plan. Lead by Asahina, their pursuers are wiped out from the ambush.

Back in the Chinese Federation, Xingkue had already predicted what would happen and by impressing the Euniches, he was allowed a chance to redeem himself by returning with Tian Zi.

With their pursuers gone, the Black Knights were now boarding the Ikaruga. Zero was admiring Xingkue's plans as he would have had a hard time securing Tian Zi without his actions. He also manages to thank C.C. for noticing the rebel troops as they headed up together on a lift. All they had to do now was return to Horai Island where the Indian troops were waiting but suddenly, many of their Knightmare Frames were being wiped out. Zero hadn't expected the enemy to catch up again so fast.

Out of the wreckage and smoke, a Knightmare Frame can be seen. It was Xingkue aboard the Shen Hu and he was determined to rescue Tian Zi. As Kallen boards her Guren to face the Shen Hu, Lakshata reveals that the Shen Hu was a Knightmare that her team built in India long ago around the same time as the Guren but, no one had managed to pilot it because it was too powerful. She was surprised that someone was piloting it now.

The battle between Kallen and Xingkue appeared to be equal at first but eventually, Kallen's Guren becomes immobile and is tied up because it had run out of fuel. Seeing how the cockpit was entangled too, Chiba and the others try to move into free her but, Xingque was ready to kill her. As he demands Tian Zi back from Zero, the Chinese Federation army was also closing. Xianglia orders her troops to cover Xingkue as he had no choice coughing up blood and returns with Kallen.

Seeing Kallen being taken hostage, Zero cries out reassuring her that she will be rescued just as her communicator is jammed. However, Diethard proposes they retreat for their greater cause. Kallen was just one soldier and they should be escaping to join up with the Indian reinforcements. However, to the relief of C.C., Zero decides to turn back claiming the Indian army may betray them too and they will need Kallen to go back with them. Confident he can defeat Xingkue, he orders Chiba and Asahina to take formation.

The two sides clash as Zero and Xingque give out commands. It appeared to be a very even match at first but eventually, Xingkue gains the upper hand with his terrain advantage by luring and immobilising the Black Knights. With most of his at a disadvantage, Zero is forced to retreat but heads towards another place they had discovered earlier. He admires how well Xingkue plans and how he was courageous like Suzaku. He should have defeated him first. However, what Zero didn't know was that Xingkue had little time to live.

The Hadron Canons were now charged and fired wiping out most of the enemy troops. Moments later, the Black Knights were all retreated to the 88th Tiandi's Mausoleum to plan further action. The situation was looking bleak as there was only one way of escaping their little hiding place.

On the other hand, Xingkue was being rounded up for revolting against the Euniches and his help was not needed anymore because they had requested help from Prince Schneizel. They were now surrounding Zero's forces but Zero didn't appear to be worried at all. He tells Diethard to go ahead with the plan they had made and was confident they will be triumph.

Meanwhile back at Ashford Academy, Shirley and the other members of the student council were desperately trying to find updates about the situation over in China. Just as a news update finally appears, Milly manages to make a call back to let them know she was safe but... Who could this Lelouch at the other end be?

Next episode, "The Power of Feelings"


It's still pretty amazing how C.C. can disguise herself with a paper bag. Even when her green hair and eyes can be seen through that paper bag in Anya's photo.

So they've finally given Lelouch a better rival this time only Xingkue might not be around for long. I think Lelouch would pretty much be finished if both Schneizel and Xingkue teamed up together but, it doesn't look like that would happen because Xingkue is loyal to his country and doesn't want Schneizel taking over.

Now I wonder who the other Lelouch could be...? His maid Sayoko? I hope he's not planning a collapsing mountain trick to escape this time.

Check out this NEC LaVie G L-Type laptop they're giving away with the Geass, Lelouch and C.C. motifs on it. Too bad it's not the duo core version.

The laptop can actually be bought from the Biglobe Store with a number of CG related motifs to choose from too at 122,800 Yen (US$1144). The funny thing is that one can't choose the Britannia crest in combination with Lelouch or C.C.

It also appears the show will be getting a new opening from Flow and a new ending from Ali Project soon from July 6th onwards. Good to see Flow back with another song already. Really like their recent release, "Word of the Voice"!

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The laptop needs a boot sequence like the Knightmare Frames.

And Xingke seems to have Lelouch's ingenuity and Suzaku's physical prowess... a great rival indeed. Too bad I'm feeling that he's not going to last too long...