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Doraemon The Record of Nobita's Parallel Visit to the West (1988, Shin-Ei Animation)

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Doraemon The Record of Nobita's Parallel Visit to the West (1988, Shin-Ei Animation)

Doraemon: Nobita no Parareru Saiyûki

Worth A Watch

Nobita is class is performing a school play of Journey to The West. In an attempt to convince his friends Son Goku actually exists he takes them back to the past when Sanzou was alive. Unfortunately, the Son Goku he had seen there while explorling alone was no where to be seen. And so, losing the bet Jain and Suneo is allowed to use any of Doraemon's gadgets as much as they want. However, after choosing one of his immersive game world gadgets to play Journey to The West, they find everyone has changed into Youkai (mystical beings like demons).

Thought this movie was going to be boring like one of the talking animal movies where there's little originality and just the gang going about making new friends but, it turned out to be quite good with a mysterious atmosphere to it. It's almost as creepy as the 1984 movie, "Great Adventure into the Underworld", at least until half way through the movie anyway. The second half feels either too slow or rushed and the choice of jazz music doesn't go with the setting so not such a great finish to ths Journey to The West parody.

Doraemon Parallel Visit to The West


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