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Bocchi The Rock (2022, Cloverworks)

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Bocchi The Rock (2022, Cloverworks)


Worth A Watch

Socially anxious Hitori Goto has always found herself alone since middle school and have tried all sorts of ways to try to encourage people to talk to her. One day she sees a band interview where a member comments even an introvert can shine in a band and she decides to take up the guitar. Unfortunately, she still doesn't get any attention despite gaining a fan base online.

While sulking, she catches the attention of the drummer of Kessoku [Zip-Tie] Band who was missing their guitarist and is given her first opportunity to play in a band. She's given the name "Bocchi" because she's always "hitori-bocchi (completely alone)" and now Hitori has found a goal to work towards with her new friends.

A cute show full of fun expressions as Bocchi's emotion is like a roller coaster ride; one moment she's thought of something cheery then anxiety and negative thoughts drag her back into the gloom again (literally). It's mostly comedy that focuses on Bocchi's social anxiety but I think this is more amusing than Komi-san even though the odd times the direction is fairly similar; her friends taking her anxiety into some weird direction. Sadly, it's yet another show that makes fun of social anxiety rather than raise awareness of the difficulties it can bring to mental health in the same way Silent Voice managed to do. Like Komi, Bocchi doesn't really change much at the end of the show either and continues to be the main joke of the show.

Background art stands out more than the character art. Good to see the family members actually have the same hair colour though. You learn a bit about how club houses for small bands work too and, it has a Dragon Ball Z and Evangelion references in it. Background music by Tomoki Kikuya (who also composed for Blend S) isn't too bad, opting for a video game retro kind of composition most of the time; maybe so it doesn't overshadow the vocal songs the band sings. Ending songs change every few episodes like 4, 8.

If you like girl band shows doing silly things like K-ON then you'll probably enjoy this.

Bocchi The Rock


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