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Servant x Service (A1 Pictures, 2013)

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Servant x Service (A1 Pictures, 2013)

サーバント x サービス

Worth A Watch

Lucy "Kimiko [a string of other names]" Yamagami just joined the Welfare Benefits Section of civil services. Starting on the same day as her were Yutaka Hasabe a cheery multi-talented, slacker who looks for every opportunity to hit on girls, while Saya Miyoshi has low self-esteem after late graduation from university.

However, they soon find out Lucy joined just to seek revenge on the one who approved her birth certificate, thinking if they did their job properly and hesitated to approve she would have gotten a much better first name. And so begins Lucy's new work life as she tries to find the one responsible while working away but it's never a dull day.

It starts off a bit dull as there's a lot of civil servant service lingo being thrown around but after the first two episodes it's better. Every character has their own strengths and weaknesses which creates a lot of fun, dynamic scenarios. Taishi Ichimiya is their senior but often worries he isn't helping out the newbies enough, Yutaka constantly teases Lucy about her name while slacking off, Megumi Chihaya's a resident cosplay obssessed Otaku who's always looking to convince the clueless Lucy to cosplay for her.

Then you have your remote controlled talking rabbit that represents the section manager, a high school girl who's always angry hanging around the civil services building and an overly serious bank worker who's obssessed with his rival. So there's a bit more wackiness to this show that your other slice-of-life comedies.

This is actually written by the same author as Working, Karino Takatsu so if you like that you'd probably like this although it seems to be going for a more mature audience. There's a lot of suggestive jokes. While most of them are workplace related, there are the odd boob jokes too like bra trouble. There are some great moments though like episode 5 although I'm not sure if it's just going too far with the jokes sometimes but it's one whirlwind of an episode. My Senpai is Annoying is probably lighter on the suggestive jokes than this show.

Despite the slice-of-life direction it does wrap-up with how the show kicked off; how Lucy is seeking the one who approved her horrible name. A workplace romcom, slice-of-(work)life with just a bit of wackiness to it. If you liked Working then you'll probably enjoy this.

Servant x Service

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