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Poco's Udon World (2016, Lidenfilms)

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Poco's Udon World (2016, Lidenfilms)

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari

Worth A Watch

Souta is taking a break from his life as a web designer by returning to his rural home. His father was against him moving to the city and had wanted him to take over his udon business. As he returns home, he meets a little boy who seemed to be lost so Souta decides to name him "Poco" and take care of him for the time being.

As Souta and Poco spends time together they become closer and many of Souta's own friends and family take a liking to Poco. Souta is also reminded of his own time spent with his father but soon learns more about why Poco had really appeared before him.

It's a cute show as you watch a kind of foster parent relationship forming with a little supernatural added in. If you need a show to watch with little fan service, this is one of them.

Poco's Udon World

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