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Revisions (2019, Shirogumi Inc)

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Revisions (2019, Shirogumi Inc)

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Rash, stubborn Daisuke Doujima was kidnapped one summer when he was in elementary school but he was rescued by a mysterious cloaked lady who called herself, "Milo". She said that one day, Daisuke would have to protect his friends and ever since then he believed he was the chosen one. Some years later Daisuke and his friends were now in high school still trying to forget what happened that night but Daisuke continues to believe what Milo had said to him.

One day, Shibuya is suddenly thrown into chaos as it is whisked away into the distant future where an organisation known as "Revisions" is sending out giant mechanical beings known as Civilians to attack them. Milo re-appears before the friends offering Daisuke the chance to use a "String Puppet" mecha robot to fight against them. As the friends recover the remaining Puppets and seek a way to return to their time they begin to wonder which side they should trust.

Another Anime that is almost exclusive to NetFlix, this original show was written using the "safest" ideas after considering how easily viewers get hooked on foreign dramas featuring young people getting caught up in disasters such as time travel and parallel worlds. It was actually the trailer that caught my attention but after learning it was written by Makoto Fukumi, the same person who wrote the scenarios for Psycho-Pass, I was expecting something just as good. As expected, it has its share of fan service and gore.

It's a very dynamic show right from the very first episode even if it is your very cliche high school students with powers saving the world. You can't take it seriously anyway with all the silly characters. Story's not too bad but I feel like it just didn't have enough time to flesh out the world setting so it had to focus more on character development which is a shame because it gets quite interesting as the mystery slowly unfolds. At first it feels kind of cliche with your usual high school students fighting the bad guys with powers but it's actually a little more down-to-earth where heroes doesn't mean everything.

The show makes use mostly of cel-shaded 3D graphics for character animation and for the most part it's done really well. Sometimes you notice the 3D animation's a bit rough as if you're having a frame rate problem in a video game and you also notice the alternation when it switches back to 2D. Other than that the Shibuya background art and models look great. I would have used it for the key image here but it wouldn't have given a great representation of the whole show although the one I've chosen here looks very cliche. As for the odd fan service scene they are really rare - just one or two and of course, your usual tight body suits for mecha pilots and revealing outfits. Those who enjoyed Noragami and liked the OP by Oral Cigarettes will probably like the OP "Wagamama Gomakasanaide [Don't Feign with Selfishness]".

Be sure to watch the extra scenes after the credits.


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