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Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens (2008, A1 Pictures)

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Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens (2008, A1 Pictures)



Jin Mikuriya caught a spider by the local sacred tree when he was younger but, when a blue-haired woman appears briefly the spider is gone again. Some time later, the sacred tree was moved due to the local land re-development. Jin is given a piece of the wood from the tree and he decides to carve a girl from it. To his surprise, the very same blue-haired woman breaks out of the wood and he learns she was a deity of the land, "Nagi".

Unfortunately, Nagi's new form means she has weakened powers to keep the balance and needs Jin's sixth sense to help keep the impure creatures at bay. Now Jin must keep up the act that Nagi's just a step relative while Nagi tries to regain her power by becoming an idol and gaining the support of people once again.

Watched this show after someone mentioned it on Twitter. The opening features Nagi as an idol so I think that's enough to tell you how serious the show is. It's mostly slapstick jokes as Nagi adapts to the modern human world. It's a cute show watching Nagi react to everything she doesn't understand. It's not exactly original but the character reactions keep it amusing. It's actually like watching a spoiled little girl playing "magical girl". In public she acts as a well-mannered girl but when alone with Jin, she's her usual hyperactive self. She's kind of like Aqua from KonoSuba when it comes to silliness.

It's all silly fun and fairly much a harem show as the number of girls in Jin's place increases; innocent childhood friend (closest to being normal), Nagi's sister Zange posessing another human body. That said, it's also good to see how she gradually matures as she adapts to the human world too and stronger relation builds up between her and Jin.

Just as you think you know what's going to happen next, it always manages to pull off some joke. Last few episodes does get a bit heavy but in a good way and does wrap up with a laugh. I think it managed to have quite an impact despite being such a short series at only 13 episodes.

A bonus episode 14 came with the last DVD release but you're not really missing much. It doesn't add anything to the original series.

So, being a harem show, you can expect the odd boob jokes and weird camera angles but it's not too heavy with fan service other than that. There's half an episode dedicated to lingerie shopping with the familiar girls competing with bust sizes. Well, I guess there's an episode where imaginations go wild when the misunderstandings go around too including "boys love" jokes. There are plenty of other jokes besides the fan service oriented ones though.

For the most part, animation is cute and fluid but can't say the same for the karaoke episode where there's barely anything going on. Illustrations in the ending credits change every episode and the featured maid cafe looks like the one from Steins;gate.

If you enjoyed KonoSuba, I'm sure you'll like this.


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