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Tamagotchi Evatchi Angel Raising Guide


Tamagotchi Evatchi Angel Raising Guide

I didn't really resort to any guides or hints until I started gettiing the same Angel which was Israfel but, it was fun seeing what I ended up with initially without a guide. I recommend you try playing without this guide too first or if you're here, you've probably done that already.

Unfortunately there is no official guide as to how to raise each Angel (at the time of writing), only a rough incubation time as hinted by the official Tamagotchi Twitter account. A Japanese YouTube video guesses there's a point system in place and tells you how to raise each Angel but, I haven't confirmed those methods. Instead I spent 2 months gathering info via a mix of Twitter, different blog posts and confirming whether they were correct or not. There's so much info I've decided to separate this guide from my initial review because there's a lot to note.

Please share this guide by linking instead of copying it as I spent a lot of time putting this together, playing through and confirming all the reports I came across before putting this together.

4h Angels Group

Raising Time & Notes

Excluding sleep time, you've basically got approximately 12.5 hours before the embryo will evolve into a cocoon. I recommend taking a notepad to note down when the Angel was hatched, what time you fed it, when it evolved into a cocoon and when incubation started. This way, you know when you need to pay attention instead of waiting for the next beep or missing one. Only way to do it if you want to get all the common Angels in the group in one go.

Points to bear in mind:

  • Every time you feed the Angel, LCL will be released 3 hours later so make use of this timing to spread out the S2 and melon feeding. If you time it right you'll be able to feed 5 times. So let's say you need to feed 16x S2 in total. You would divide by 4 and know you need to feed it 4x S2s every LCL clean.
  • If you get the Angel you want, great! Raise it all the way until the Third Impact which will take 3 days.
  • If you don't get the Angel you want, you can let it... expire. This takes approx 24 hours of neglect. It's probably best to mute the sound as there is a very long sound clip when it does expire which can burn a lot of battery. You can also speed this up by changing the time so that it doesn't sleep but don't forget to change it back! (This doesn't work for growing, only neglecting.)
  • You must not use the reset button or data will be cleared and you will have to raise the common Angels again to unlock the rare ones. Fresh batteries lasts about 2 months or a bit longer if you keep the sound off.
  • Incubation starts approx. 3 hours after it turns into a cocoon before it will beep a second time and stop moving.

For example, the way I kept my notes were as follows:

4/10 18:30 Hatched, 4x S2 Mel, BC 2P
8:35, 3x S2 4x Mel, BC 2P, 1x LCL, 1x Int
11:42, 3x S2 4x Mel, BC 2P, 1x LCL, 2x Int
14:48, 3x S2 4x Mel, BC 2P, 1x LCL
17:52, 3x S2 4x Mel, BC 2P, 1x LCL
5/10 19:00 Cocoon
21:00 Incubation
23:00 Hatch
8/10 23:00 Third Impact

B stands for Battle, C stands for Centre, Int stands for Interrupt Screen etc. I don't think you need to record the time of the interruptions so you can just group it with the last time fed. Same for the games.


Now here's what you need to do to raise each Angel.

  • Rows in green are confirmed via Twitter reports while uncoloured rows are what I just happened to obtain through different means.
  • Cocoons should be clean unless noted otherwise.
  • Mood at cocoon time are in order of happy (moving towards camera), ok (smiling), poor.
  • P means a perfect game, N means a normal clear.

All the Angels you can get.

4h Common Angels

  S2 Melons Battles Centres LCL Lights Ints Mood Incube Notes
14 14 x x 3 Y x Happy 3h 10m  
13 0 - 2 7P x 3 Y x OK 1 - 2h All games perfect.
8 - 12 8 - 12 x x 2 Y x OK Immediately

Keep in OK mood. Time feeding so that it sleeps in LCL or cocoon is in LCL.

Another method is to feed it fully after hatching with 4x S2, melons. Clean the first LCL but afterwards, don't feed it fully again until 4 hours before cocoon time. Idea is to leave it half hungry and in LCL when it's cocoon time.

Alternatively start off with 4x S2, melons. Then every LCL feed 2x S2, 4x melons. For the very last feed, it should be complaining about hunger. Feed only 1x S2 and 4x melons. 4 hours incubation afterwards it should become Bardiel too.

x 8 x x x N x Poor Immediately Abuse but remove AT Field if you get it.
14 14 2P / 1P 1N x 3 Y x Happy 3h  

4h Rare Angels

After raising all 5 common Angels from above here is how you can get Lilith and evolve her into other Angels, mainly Rei.

  S2 Melons Battles Centres LCL Lights Ints Mood Incube Notes
6 - 10 6 - 10 3P 3P All Y x OK Immediately Feed 1x S2 Mel approx every 2h.
Lilith > EVA-01
7 7 13P 3P 3N All Y x OK 25h After raising Lilith, you have 25 hours to evolve Lilith to EVA-01. All reports point to lots of battles.
Lilith > Young Rei
Young Rei
7 7 3P 3P All Y 7 (Min 3?) Happy 25h Almost the same as Lilith.

After you've raised Lilith, you have 25 hours to evolve Lilith to Young Rei. Otherwise you've failed.
Pilot Rei
Pilot Rei
6 - 10 6 - 10 3P 3P All Y x Happy Immediately After successfully raising Young Rei, raise the embryo in the same way as Lilith.

Then you have the second Adam/Kaworu route.

  S2 Melons Battles Centres LCL Lights Ints Mood Incube Notes
Mark 6
Mark 6
16 16 3P 3P 4 Y x Happy < 1h Think you have to win 3P in a row for both games. Feed 3x S2s, 4x Mels every clean. Someone suggests this is same as Zeruel.
16 16 3P 3P 4 Y x Happy Min 1h Basically the same as Mark 6 but slightly longer incubation time.
Adam > Kaworu
Kaworu (Tabris)
10 15 15P 3N 16P 2N 4 Y x Happy 25h Once you've raised Adam, continue raising him the same way; keep happy by feeding 2x S2, 3x Mels every clean. I had max 10P battles in a row, 9P centres in a row.

Some reports say they managed by winning 10 perfect of each.

If you manage to get him (yay!), keep the sound on for a little surprise.

Otherwise like Young Rei, if you don't manage to evolve Adam to Kaworu in 25 hours you've failed.
Kaworu > Mass Production
Mass Production Unit
6 11 34P 1N 10P 4 Y x Happy 25h Playing sims a lot will change Kaworu into this. I had max 14P in a row for battles.

Some reports say only 20P battles and 7P centres needed.

8h+ Common Angels

  S2 Melons Battles Centres LCL Lights Ints Mood Incube Notes
16 x 6 - 8P x All Y x Happy 8h Key between Arael and Ramiel seems to be don't over do it with games. Maybe less than 10.
13 - 16 13 - 16 x x All Y x Happy 8h This seems to be easiest to get. I got this Angel most of the time while trying to get Armisael...
Young Rei
14 - 16 x 10P 10P All Y x Happy 8h Keep sound on before hatching for a little surprise.
Pilot Rei
10 20 x x All Y x Happy 8h Seems you have to starve it. Start off with 4x S2 and Melons. Then feed it 1x S2 and 3x Melons every LCL. If it complains about hunger, feed it 1x S2.
Pilot Rei
6 4 x x All Y x Poor Immediately Easiest to get as you just have to abuse it with poor care like Shamshel and leave it in LCL when it turns into a cocoon.

8h+ Rare Angel

Didn't realise this clockwork Angel that appears in Evangelion 2.0 was a replacement of the TV series 7th Angel. Israfel until I played with this Evatchi...

  S2 Melons Battles Centres LCL Lights Ints Mood Incube Notes
Seventh Angel
Pilot Rei
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

You can raise this after you've raised the 5 common Angels above.

Unfortunately, the battery went poof before I could work out how to get this. Hopefully you'll have better luck.


For those curious here was what my two runs were like. First run's first half was mostly done blind as mentioned earlier. More fun that way.

1st Run (2 Months on Test Batteries)

Israfel, Sachiel, Israfel, Leliel, Israfel, Shamshel, Israfel, RESET, Ramiel, Shamshel, Sachiel, Zeruel, Bardiel, Israfel, Lilith > EVA-01, Lilith > Young Rei, Pilot Rei.

2nd Run (Batteries Replaced)

I had raised fairly much every Angel from the 4h group so I pretty much knew exactly what to do to reach the rare Angels stage. This time my focus was on Adam and Kaworu as I didn't have enough battery left to get them first run.

Battery lasted two weeks longer because I left the sound off most of the time.

Ended up getting the following:

Shamshel, Israfel, Bardiel, Zeruel, Satchiel, Mark 6, Israfel, Mark 6, Adam > Kaworu (Tabris) > Mass Production, MAGI (Ireul), Arael, Leliel, Leliel, Leliel, Leliel, Arael, Ramiel, Leliel, Leliel, Ramiel, Arael, Leliel, Armisael, Arael.

Nooo! Battery gone...

Well, feel free to let me know how you get on by dropping a comment here. You'll help out fellow Eva fans trying to raise all Angels too I'm sure.

Have fun ^^

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