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Iroduku: The World in Colours (2018, PA Works)

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Iroduku: The World in Colours (2018, PA Works)

Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara [From the Colour Changing World of Tomorrow] / Iroduku

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In a world of magic, Hitomi Tsukishiro is from a family of mages in Nagasaki. She hated magic and blames it for losing her sense of colour leaving her in a world of monotonous grey. One night, her grandmother Kohaku Tsukishiro suddenly sends her 60 years to the past by using time magic she had saved up over the years to meet her younger self. After arriving in the past, Hitomi finds herself completely, unsure of what to do. Fortunately, a group of students from Minamigaoka High's photography club helps her locate the magic shop she stayed at and her relatives decide to let her stay with them, believing her story of time travel.

As Hitomi begins her new high school life in the past, she finds her grandmother was quite the energetic student, stirring up trouble every so often but everyone liked her. However, Hitomi's arrival doesn't let her off on a good start as someone had caught her sneaking out of their classmate Yuito Aoi's room. As the two clear up their misunderstandings and the photography club friends continue to welcome her indiscriminately, Hitomi soon starts to open up adapting to the not so magically advanced past. She soon discovers Yuito's painting of a golden fish becomes her key to seeing colour again while her grandmother and new friends reminds her of the joy that magic can bring.

I think the first impression you'll get from this show are the beautiful backgrounds of Nagasaki by Studio Easter and how colourful it is. It might not be Shinkai's level of lighting and detail but they still look great. In fact, episode 8's art and direction just reminds me of Your Name. The show is just filled with background art shots. The artists seem to be particularly fond of taps because there's lots of still shiny shots of them. You'll also notice the odd 3D being used but they're done better than other studios that try to use it seamlessly. The music is very serene too and there's a bit of humour with your usual mischievous high school students and Anime personalities.

Interestingly enough, Hitomi's voice actress Kaori Ishihara also happened to voice young Shouta Magatsuchi from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Very different characters!

There are the odd moments the show reminded me of PA Works' other title, A Lull in The Sea - especially the ending theme's direction which also happened to be sung by same singer, Yanaginagi. Maybe because they're by the same director, Toshiya Shinohara. Only here, there isn't a lot of tense drama, just a bunch of open minded friends willing to accept anything and having fun together while Hitomi is growing through her new experiences. There's no fan service in this show and of course, your youth drama show can't be without your romance which is more the cute kind than episodes of heart wrenching bitterness.

Iroduku Sekai no Ashita kara

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