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Mirai of The Future (2018, Studio Chizu)

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Mirai of The Future (2018, Studio Chizu)

Mirai no Mirai

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Little Kun is excited that he will be having a new baby sister soon but when he discovers his parents doting on the baby he becomes jealous. One day while playing in the garden, something magical happens. Kun discovers their family dog Yukko taking human form and his sister Mirai travelling back from the future. Ever since then, Kun finds himself taking trips back to the past and meeting his older family members. With every trip little Kun grows up just that little bit more.

Mamoru Hisoda's movies had always had great art and this time we seem to see more use of 3D. Unfortunately the voice acting feels really out-of-place, especially with young Kun's voice sounding like an older woman even though it's common for females to play the voice of young males. I find this ruined the movie quite a bit because of how often Kun ends up crying and shouting all the time. The rest of the characters aren't any better also lack enthusiasm that you'd usually hear from Anime and sound flat most of the time.

TokiKake is one of my most favourite movies but the other Hisoda movies weren't so good so wasn't sure how good this would be. There's the odd bit of humour and it feels like a family movie showing how important it is to have family members supporting each other with a touch of magic - very much a "you are not alone" kind of familiar Japanese theme. It has its good moments.

Mirai of The Future

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