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Hamachi: Yukino Yukinoshita Kimino 1/6 Scale Figure, CN Version Review

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Hamachi: Yukino Yukinoshita Kimino 1/6 Scale Figure, CN Version Review

The heroine for this figure is from one of those Anime shows that have a long, long name... Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte'ru AKA OreGairu or Hamachi in Japanese. English localisation is a bit more generic as My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU... Google that and you'll end up with all these live action teen comedy movies. You might think it's just another harem show but it's actually quite a good comedy (and drama show) about two loners competing to show who's better, Yukino here being one of them. Never would have watched such a great show if I didn't come across this figure. Highly recommend giving the show a watch. Unfortunately she doesn't actually appear in this form in the Anime so I guess it's part of some original illustration.

So let's have a look at the bootleg version of Souyokusha's Yukino Yukinoshita 1/6 Scale Figure made available back in 2017 February for 13,800 Yen (£93). Yes, quite a bit more expensive.

She should be kneeling so that both legs are flat on the snow but, it might be because the figure's legs are in a different angle on this bootleg. Only her right leg is on the ground.

Size wise it'd be around 17 cubic cm.

Only separate part for this figure was the parasol which hasn't been finished properly. The stick is just metal compared to the painted black finish on the authentic figure which also has a handle on it.

Instructions weren't replicated so you'll have to guess how the parasol is supposed to fit but going by past experience as with the Scathach figure, it probably goes through the hair before reaching the hands.

However, it doesn't look quite right this way so I ended up balancing in her hangs and head only.

Well, at least the paint work's better than the 1/6 Shiki figure...

Expression looks about just right. Not really that great an expression even on the authentic figure. Her face looks a bit different and her head is a bit too big on this bootleg, lol.

Facial expression.

Even though she's also a 1/6 scale bootleg like the Shiki figure, her kimono is definitely better done. Despite the elegant pose, appearances can be deceiving...

Detailed kimono patterns.

If you're wondering about that big ugly joint along the kimono sleeve, it's actually visible on the authentic figure too. Not very aethestically pleasing...

Obi belt.

Highlight of this figure really is the kimono and parasol. As usual, it can't be a bootleg without some shoddy paint work. In this case, you can see some of the paint faded on the parasol, some of the cherry blossoms peeling off and the square notch has been quite badly bent in one corner.

Parasol good in general.

Snow on the base is made of white faux fur kind of material. Other than her legs, Yukino's pose is mainly supported by the part of the kimino that's draped flat on the ground. There's nothing else holding her in place.

Furry snow.

The packaging is almost completely different from the authentic packaging. They pretty much designed their own layout rather than replicate the original and it's also missing the manufacterer's logo "Souyokusha" in this case.

Bootleg box really bootleg.

Display window is circular instead of fan shaped.

Wrong display window shape and layout.

Furigana is wrong too... Yuki transliterated as "yuma", lol.

She's called Yumano apparently...

It's not that great a figure overall. Photos of authentic figure can be found on Figue Photo and Sae Hiro Days.

Bootleg Characteristics

  • They will actually label the figure "China version".
  • Left leg isn't flush on the base so the pose looks different.
  • Parsasol cane is unfinished - plain metal, no black paint and handle.
  • Packaging missing Souyokusha logo, different shaped window, incorrect Furigana.

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