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Bikini Warriors: Valkyrie 1/7 Figure, CN Version Review

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Bikini Warriors: Valkyrie 1/7 Figure, CN Version Review

Never watched Bikini Warriors but you can guess what kind of show it is from the title already. Characters don't even have names other than the different classes you can have from your common fantasy RPG. Any Tony Taka fans will probably recognise his female character design right away. The faces always look very similar if you look at his designs for Sega's Shining series of games.

That said, I really liked the way the skirt, weapon and the rest of the gear was sculpted on this figure.

Apparently this was originally a limited edition figure that could only be pre-ordered through the March/April issues of Hobby Japan back in 2016. So, let's see what this bootleg version of AlphaMax's Valkyrie 1/7 Scale figure (NSFW) sold for 14,900 Yen (£100) is.

This figure came with fairly common parts and is rated a 15+.

  • Head.
  • Lance with blade separate.
  • Removeable bikini top.
  • Skirt in 2 parts.

Again, this 1/7 figure doesn't disappoint as with bootleg figures of this scale. It has a nice dynamic pose, quite similar to PLUM's Scathach figure. Might be because it's easier to balance for fantasy warrior figures that have lances.

At the same time, this bootleg figure suffered the same problem where the lance couldn't fit into both hands so the angle which kind of ruins the pose. Just have to choose which hand to go with.

Paint work is actually pretty good as there's some gradient on the hair although the armour isn't as vivid, bit faded green.

There was some problems attaching her clothing on because the translucent joints didn't fit together. Skirt balances on her hips and looks great flailing outwards like those common poses in action Anime where the character's are posing in the wind.

The figure stands up fine without the need to add some Blu Tack but, she kind of looks like she's leaning back too much compared to the authentic figure because her feet doesn't fully fit onto the base - another characteristic of bootlegs.

Face looks a bit chubby but OK I guess. You'll probably notice the joint at the neck because the head wouldn't didn't fit in flush. Probably because of the collar around the neck so I can't fit it in.

Face looks close enough.

Otherwise the jewellery and head accessories looks very detailed. Obviously being a bootleg, the jewels like the ruby pendant is roughly finished.

Nice accessories.

There are some enchantment engravings visible on both her arm and even a little black heart.

Enchantments on armour.

Lance has enchantments too so no magical fantasy details skimped out here.

Enchantments on the lance too.

This was the end of the lance that had snapped off and Blu Tack just wouldn't hold it in place so I used some cellotape while shooting instead.

Snapped tip.

You can just make out the Bikini Warriors logo embossed onto the base.

Bikini Warriors logo on base.

Instructions were replicated too and this is how the lance was supposed to be attached to the figure - through the hair as with Scathach. Unfortunately, the hair isn't in the correct position so there was no opening to put the lance through.

Instructions replicated.

My figure arrived with the box quite badly crushed but fortunately, the damage was minimal thanks to the packaging. As you can see the packaging was badly deformed by the plastic holders inside kept most of the figure safe apart from her lance which had the tip snapped off. So, nothing that can't be fixed with some glue.

If the head accessories snapped off it would have been tougher to fix.

Someone messed up the delivery...

So as usual with bootleg packaging, the front of the packaging is missing the manufacter's logos which in this case, should be a red Hobby Japan logo in the top-right corner. There should also be a holographic sticker version of the logo in the top-left corner.

Poor box.

The back should have the logos too.

And if we look closely at the text, the URL links are different too. Seems they replaced the 'o' with an 'n' in the URLs so instead of hobbyjapan.co.jp it's "hnbbyjapan" and  bikini-warriors.com is "bikini-warrinrs". Might be some OCR software they used to scan the packaging text and it picked up the 'o' as 'n' or, they did it on purpose to obfuscate the print.

Obfuscating on purpose?

Photos of the authentic figure can be found on Fig Memo and "There Was A Figure" Blog - both NSFW of course.

Bootleg Characteristics

  • They will actually label the figure "China version".
  • Lance doesn't fit correctly.
  • Clothing doesn't fit correctly.
  • Packaging missing Hobby Japan red logo on front, top-right corner.
  • URLs on back of packaging is wrong.

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