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Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness Trophies, Scene Replay List

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Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness Trophies, Scene Replay List

Been so long since I last tried to obtain the "Scene Complete" trophy in Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness because both English and Japanese forums have been very inactive so, they haven't been of much help. There are some detailed guides out there that show how to achieve all the endings (including bad ones) but again, I still missed a few despite following them very closely.

For me personally, I was missing files 12, 59, 63 and 68. Fortunately, a year after I decided to re-visit the game the scenes I was after finally appeared in search results. Turns out I missed two bad endings and two enroute scenes.

Still, I've yet to find a place that listed all the scenes so I've decided to put a list together myself. I played the Japanese version of the game so some choices won't be exactly the same as the English translation.

And I shouldn't have to warn you about spoilers.

Getting all the scenes in Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness can be tricky.

Scene Complete Trophy

A guide on PSN Profiles should help you through any routes you've missed or need to re-visit and you can just hit R1 to speed through the text you've already read. Turning up the speed in settings will help it skip a bit faster but be sure not to leave the event scene until it's over or it won't be unlocked.

The list is incomplete because the scene viewer isn't very helpful - it doesn't show you which route, chapter it's from when you review them or, what possible choices are available during the scene. I've put together what I could from scouring the internet and if like me you followed a guide, got all the endings but still missing certain scenes, hopefully this will help.

Scene/File Conditions
03 When starting the game, choose "Inquire", "Inquire about friendships", "Head to the mall."
11 Nadeshiko heads down to floor 1 for a confrontation by the lockers.
12 "An Angel's Smile" route. When you're facing the rebel students, choose "Aim Dominator and call for surrender." Whole team's out showing their badges with Dominators at point.
13 "Lady Talk" route. When fighting Alpha at the school, "Push cabinet to seal the exit route."
16 "An Angel's Smile"/"Thus Fate Have Proclaimed The End". Choose to be hynotised after the school incident. You will find Alpha's body lying on a bed.
18 "Lady Talk" route. Choose to be hynoptised after the school incident. You spend the day with Karanomori.
19 "Violet Flower" route. You spend the day with Kunizuka.
20 Chapter 3. Choose to eat the curry yourself.
21 "Violet Flower" route. When both Nadeshiko and Tsurugi are lying side-by-side ready to enter a VR world.
22 "Answer Revealed" ending.
23 "Those Capable" ending.
24 Bad ending. Choose "I am part of..." instead of "I am your..." just before "Eternal Cradle" ending.
25 Chapter 3. "Eat with Tsurugi".
26 Towards "Answer Revealed" ending when you choose hugged by Takuma.
27 Somewhere along "Answer Revealed" route, "Childhood's End" ending. Nadeshiko sees someone off at the airport.
28 "Happy Family" ending. Nadeshiko and Tsurugi is shown climbing up a rope ladder of a ship.
30 "Eternal Cradle" ending.
31 "Goddess of Guidance" A reflection of Nadeshiko showing on a window.
32 "Childhood's End" ending. Two months have passed. Tsurugi and Alpha are happily out fishing.
33 "Happy Family" ending. Two months have passed Alpha is happily eating at a table with his new family.
34 "Demon's Whisper" route where you'll meet an intruder with long silver hair in the cafeteria.
35 "The Burdened" route. Nadeshiko goes for a swim with Kogami.
36 "An Angel's Smile" route. Nadeshiko goes for a meal with Akane.
38 "Light and Shadow" route. Nadeshiko goes visit Masaoka.
39 "Every Colour" route. Nadeshiko goes for a meal with Kagari.
40 "Grapplers" route. Drone flying overhead the dome.
41 "Grapplers" route. Couple of hours later the team is gathered together in front of a projector discussing Shiori's disappearance.
42 Choose Inquire at the start then later "Head to the mall". Kogami and Tsurugi rush up to find their too late.
44 Chapter 2. Inspect the mother's friends with Akane, investigate the nursing commufield.
48 Chapter 2. Join Ginoza's search team, go to first floor, idenitfy as PBS and aim the Dominator. Team holds out badges with Dominators at point.
50 Bad ending. When you're confronting the students, choose "Force your way through" as Tsurugi.
51 Chapter 3. "Fight together with Kogami" when confronting Alpha at the school.
53 "Bedtime Stories" route. Hanging out with Karanomori.
55 Chapter 3. Choose to eat the curry yourself.

"Symbol of Faith" route. "Join rescue team", "Eat curry in front of everyone", "Ask for public aid."

Thanks to reader Pls for confirming this.

57 "Floating Ark" ending.
59 Bad ending just before the "Return of The Masked Princess" ending. Choose "Give a hard punch" instead of "Shake hands."
60 "Return of The Masked Princess" ending.
61 "Floating Ark" ending.
63 Somewhere along the "The One Who Seeks Chaos". When you're having a discussion with the team at HQ, choose "Think it over alone". Tsurugi ends up standing on the balcony thinking alone.
64 Chapter 3, "Those Capable" ending route. Choose "Stop by Tsurugi's residence." Tsurugi finds his dazed parents at a table.
66 "Those Capable" ending. During the blackout attack at the medical facility choose to accept and enforce. Tsurugi and Nadeshiko are take cover by the corner of a wall.
67 "A Night To Kill" ending.
68 Bad ending somewhere along the "Duel On Table" route, just before the "Symbol of Faith" ending. Choose "Have Nadeshiko take over." instead of "Settle it personally."
69 "Magical Song" route. Chapter 3, "Think it over alone", "Take the supplement", "Join the rescue team", "I'm your father", "Emotions."

Thanks to reader Nah for confirming this.
70 "Magical Song" ending.
71 "Floating Ark" ending. Tsurugi holds Alpha.
72 "Grapplers" route. Tsurugi's sparring with a dummy before Kogami joins in.
73 "Surprise Weekend" route. Whole team's happily partying together with Akane serving the snacks.
74 "The One Who Seeks Chaos" route. Tsurugi having a meal with Ginoza.

Voice Complete, Picture Complete Trophy

As for the the other voice and picture complete trophies, you'll need a total of 605,000 points to fully unlock voices and 312,000 points for pictures.

It might seem a lot but if you manage to complete up to level 9-1 of the mini puzzle game you'll save more than 600K worth of points (assuming you haven't spent any to unlock anything already!) thanks to the bonus points it gives when completing each level for the first time. Much better than free play.

The game's actually not too hard too. I got stuck at 6-2 then struggled a bit after 8-4 but just keep at it since the tiles seem to be randomly spawned so sometimes you might get lucky. By level 9-1, it's pretty much freeplay but the target square is only half the points you need.

Mini Puzzle Game, Level 9

Once you have around 600K points (depending if you already spent any points or not and I did already...) the trick is to unlock everything at once but don't press the back button. Instead, once you see the trophy get unlocked for picture complete, exit the game so that it doesn't save the number of points you used and then you'll have your points back to unlock the next section.

Platinum at last.

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Hello! I' am having the same issue as user 'Pls' with trying to unlock File 56. I followed all the same exact choices 'rescue team', 'eat curry in front of everyone', 'ask for public aid' and this was all on the symbol of faith route. I even saved and played all the way through to the end. Yet when I went back to the scene replays, it is still locked! I don't know what to do :'(



LY Author

Hmmm, did you see the scene as shown in the viewer with the woman lying down surrounded by her family? Might be an unlock bug if you've seen that exact image while playing through.




I’m only missing File 56, I can’t find any information anywhere on what it even is supposed to be. Could you help?



LY Author

It happens on the campus when the team has asked for volunteers to help the victims at the scene. Akane then appears to inform Nadeshiko there's a New Stress victim and is asked to go take a look.

Here's some screenshots of the scene. Hopefully this helps and please let me know what the choices were and I'll fill it in here too ^^



Pls Author

Thanks, I really don’t know how I missed this my first time through. The choices I made to trigger it were as follows:

- Joined Rescue team
- Eat curry in front of everyone
- Ask for public aid
(All of this was on Symbol of Faith path)

Your guide was a lifesaver for some of the scenes, thanks a lot :)




What about file 69?
That is the only one i am missing^^'



LY Author

It's a picture of Yukari in an ICU unit wearing a breathing mask. Tsurugi enters an empty room then speaks to Alpha through a scanner. Alpha recovers his memory about his "mother" and then it leads to that picture.




Thank you for the answer!
I don't think I have ever encountered that scene, where she wore a mask ( although I already have the achievement for every scene unlocked... funny duh). Could you please tell me, in which route this happens so that I can try to get that file ?



LY Author

I couldn't tell you unfortunately because the playback doesn't give you much context which is why I haven't listed all files here; only the ones I recognise.

Tsurugi claims to be Alpha's father and is trying to recover Nadeshiko, his mother's memories in the scene. He then asks Alpha to help him so maybe it has something to do with the Masked Princess or Happy Family routes.

Here are some screenshots.

It'll probably be some side scene from a choice that barely affects the ending. Do please drop a comment again if you find it so it can help anyone else stuck on that one image ^^




Ah! I think I saw that scene (not 100% sure tho :D)! So I probably already have it, but the scene replay is somehow still locked. Funny eh. I will try to replay that route and then tell you, which decision it was.
Thanks again for the quick reply and the screenshots :)




I was lucky and chose the right rout right away :D

It is the "magic song" route. At the beginning of Chapter 3, these are the decisions I made to get that scene:
2/2 Think it over alone.
1/2 Take the supplement.
1/2 Join the rescue team. (Tsurugi then enters the apartment alone and talks to Alpha)
2/2 I'm your father . . . . Luke!
2/2 Emotions (Then Alpha remembers and the scene pops up)

Thank you :3
Now I have everything completed!



LY Author

Gratz and thanks. I will add it to the guide ^^