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The Cold Freeze, UK 2010 ::


The Cold Freeze, UK 2010 ::

The news has been about nothing but the hazardous snowy conditions all over the UK just now as well as other countries within the northern hemisphere. Flights suspended, cars becoming stranded on the motorway because engines stopping, people slipping on the hardened icy snow, water pipes bursting etc.

Oh yes, walking uphill on frozen pavements isn't fun. That's why we end up seeing everyone walking on the road instead. I do the same ^^;

Mini iceberg on the left...?

I think some people are getting a bit panicky, worrying that supplies of certain daily necessities will be cut short now that deliveries struggle through the heavy snow. Vehicles are lining up at the petrol stations, fuel prices have risen and the government is starting to run out of grit to prevent the roads from freezing. Some towns are resorting to using sand from the beach.

"Caught unprepared" would probably be the best way to sum this all up although I'm sure global warming will get a mention somewhere.

Robin in the snow.

Apparently it's been the worst snowy conditions since 1981 which is close to three decades ago. Last year, it was only the most snow since 18 years ago. Think it'll be worse next winter? Still waiting for it to beat the 1962 record which lasted until March apparently although the overnight temperatures have reached that point already at -15C.

Anyway main topic aside, doesn't that diving swan in the frozen lake look like a mini iceberg? ^^;

This picture of the frozen UK from NASA looks pretty interesting too.

Frozen britain from space.


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Xcomp Author

Yeah it is. Starting to see patches of grass around the place now so it looks like the 1962 snowfall record isn't going to be beaten, lol.




I think its temperatures are rising already...the snow in Edinburgh are already starting to melt and no snowfall for the past 2 days:D

I made it through winter with no central heating!!! w0000000ttt