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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 44 ~ 47

Anime Kemono no Souja Erin

Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 44 ~ 47

Episode 44
Akun Meh Chai

Over the years, Saju had made a memorial for Erin thinking that she was dead. She had a daughter and she wondered why Erin's memorial was aside from the rest of the villagers - Was it because she was an "Akun Meh Chai"? Meanwhile, Erin arrives at the Razhal Conservation Centre for adult King Beasts. She had brought along a dagger with her, ready to committ suicide if she is ever forced to create the Great Sin again. Damiya demands she raises an army of King Beasts to bring about the miracle that Shunan had proposed towards the current Shinoh, Semiya. Erin decides to make use of the misconceptions people had about her tribe, the Aohrol. She tells Damiya that she was an "Akun Meh Chai" meaning a child born between a couple who weren't supposed to be together. Her father was an average human while her mother was an Aohrol and Damiya knew very well such people were forbidden to be together. She also lies that such children were born with special abilities and in Erin's case, she can control the King Beasts unlike other people.

Damiya was skeptical but Erin decides to prove it to him. Picking a random King Beast, Erin plays the harp again. Deep down, the fear she had when Lilan attacked her was welling up again but she ignored it and stayed calm. She managed to calm down the beast. One of the other staff members try the same but fail but this did not change Damiya's mind. He threatens Erin that if she doesn't manage to create the miracle, everyone at Kazhalm including her best friend Yuyan will be executed. He also reminds her that if the Grand Duke were become ruler, use of King Beasts may become forbidden and it was then that Erin thought to herself this maybe the only hope she had to save Lilan and her family.

Kemono no Souja Erin 44

Episode 45

The Encaged Bird

Damiya summons Kiriku to let him know the good news that he and Semiya will soon be married and all is going according to plan. He was confident Erin will soon agree to fly one King Beast to Mount Ahon Noah at least which will force the Grand Duke's army to remain loyal to them. The late Shinoh Harumiya's Ze Zans have also been disbanded and replaced with new body guards to avoid any trouble. Iyal is soon summoned too. Damiya wanted to know what Erin had told him before Harumiya's death but Iyal decides not to say anything. Even if he did, surely Damiya wouldn't change his mind about forcing Erin against her will. Damiya questions no further and reveals the wine they drank had poison in it. However, Damiya had the antidote of course while Iyal had enough training to suppress the poison - enough time for him to help his best friend Kyle. Soon, Iyal comes face to face with Kiriku. Fortunately for him, Kiriku was already regretting that he dragged Erin into such a mess, locking her in a cage like his sister once was. She saw his sister Erin who had a pure heart but, was poisoned because the Wajak family they were raised in didn't want to raise two children - They only needed one to receive the Shinoh's privileges. Realising it was too late and remembering how Erin was ready to end her own life, Kiriku falls to his knees crying. He was just another pawn yet again.

Kemono no Souja Erin 45

Episode 46
Their Bond

Iyal collapses outside the stable where Lilan's family were kept. Erin quickly brings him inside to tend to his wounds and learns of Damiya's conspiracy. Kiriku predicted he would be there but hearing Erin playing the harp for Iyal, he is reminded of his sister and decides to ignore them. However, Damiya wasn't going to let the Ze Zans off so easily. He tells Kiriku who had no use any more to leave before arriving at the stable too with his men. As the men searched, Damiya spoke ill of Iyal and reminded Erin that she has no choice in what was about to happen. They leave after failing to find Iyal. Lilan had hidden him underneath. It was the second time she saved him.

Alone again, Iyal tells of how he dreamt of his father playing the harp and how he had wanted to become a craftsman just like him. He also learns that Erin liked how he played the harp too and the first time she heard him, she was reminded of that warm feeling she had when she was with her mother Soyon. After hearing how much he cared about Shinoh Harumiya and his family, she knew he was a family man and asked why doesn't he try to have a family. Iyal replies his hands were stained with blood and that it was impossible for him now. The very same feelings and fear was probably what brewed the hatred in the Grand Duke's men. Returning to the present situation, Iyal decides she will fight for Erin until they can achieve peace and allow beasts such as Lilan's family to live in peace. Erin cries, thinking how Iyal was just like a baby egg taken away from the mother but was also sad at the fact that even though he was no longer bound to "Soundless Whistle" he could not seek his own happiness. Iyal embraces Erin as she holds his hand in tears.

Kemono no Souja Erin 46

Episode 47
The Sacred Night

Early in the morning, Erin sneaks out with Lilan with the help of Nuk and Mog. She walks into the forest where she comes across Asson. He urges her that it wasn't too late to return to the tribe with him and that he didn't want to see Soyon's daughter bring about the Great Sin. Erin refuses and challenges him if whether what the tribe has been doing is right - Simply watching events and laying down rules. Asson answers that humans are foolish beings which is why rules are necessary but, she believed that people had to learn to change. She did not want beasts to be enslaved and brought to war any more. She flies off on Lilan.

Erin arrives at an outdoor spring where Semiya was purifying herself before travelling to the mountain. Semiya was surprised to see a King Beast but had always wanted to meet the girl who controlled them, Erin. Erin apologises for her rude meeting and tells her about the Great Sin. At first, she believed that perhaps it was all the Grand Duke's trick but, Erin manages to convince her by making her think about the King Beast Laws and why they were enacted. After she accepted the truth about Jeh not being a god, Erin goes onto revealing Damiya's conspiracy of assasinating her grandmother Harumiya and keeping everyone from Kazhalm hostage. It was another shock for Semiya who had trusted her uncle so much and thought she was doing the right thing by allowing him to rule by her side. Calming down again, Semiya tells Erin to go to the plains as planned but do nothing. Semiya was going to settle it all herself and grant Erin freedom.

Kemono no Souja Erin 47

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That's better but how I ask you about Ial, Erin, and they had child son named Jessie. that is Ial and Erin married then they had child, right? I want to know about this story and anime, too. And also, about next season 2nd?