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Bandwidth Trouble October 2009


Bandwidth Trouble October 2009

Oooo, bandwidth ran out again this month, one day earlier than last month I think - Probably because of the sudden surge of P3P fans coming over from Livejournal and GameFAQs for translations.

Of course, lots of visitors is always a good thing for a site but just wondering how many of them will be returning visitors now that the game is out in Japan. Would also be easier to choose a more suitable hosting package once the current contract expires ^^;

Anyway, site's back online now and time to make up the update I missed for Case of Shinra last weekend. Nojima teases quite a bit in this short story...

Hope you guys had a good Halloween for those who went out or are going out for it!



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happy halloween to you too =) but remember, candy is cheaper the day(s) after!! =w=