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New Bigger Screen DSi to Appear This Year

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New Bigger Screen DSi to Appear This Year


According to the investor's website Nikkei, Nintendo is planning to release a new version of the DSi which came out last year in Japan - Boosting the screen by twice its size to 4 inches and going for around 18,900 Yen (same price as the current DSi).

Apparently it is aimed at the young children and elderly folk who may have difficulty looking at the small screens or using the small buttons.

In other words, you shouldn't be missing out as much as the difference between the original DSi and DS Lite - Just a blown up screen, not better graphics power.

DSi Colours

Famitsu has got in contact with Nintendo who claims they aren't having any interviews about this matter and think it's just speculation from the investor's site.

It probably is real considering how small the screen is and how many elderly folk are enjoying the likes of Brain Age and perhaps the more recent Professor Layton series.


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Xcomp 作者

Another DS is rumoured for some time late next year. Will be using Nvidia's technology apparently.




They could make them bigger....

I'm still waiting for a Yoshi green DS to give to my brother anyway so I think i'll skip. ,he's in Japan right now. Maybe when the DSiPLUS is announced? ;p