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A Look at the Japanese P3P Pre-order Goods and Limited Editions

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A Look at the Japanese P3P Pre-order Goods and Limited Editions


There's only a week left until Persona 3 Portable goes on sale in Japan and it's managed to get a Famitsu score of 8/8/8/8 (32/40) which is just one point short of the original PS2 game which got 9/8/8/8 (33/40). I don't know the details since I don't have access to better shots of the reviews but according to 1up.com's translations, it's fairly much the same story wise while the major changes take place with the S. Links.

Anyway, since Atlus doesn't have its own pre-order goods or limited edition as usual, I thought we would take a look at what the shops have to offer to draw in the customers...

Persona 3 Portable Pre-order Goods

Now we know why Junpei was red in the face and speechless in Tartarus - Mitsuru looks quite stunning in that new high leg "armour", doesn't she?

And moving on, Tsutaya is offering ring tones while WonderGoo on the other hand offers a mini cushion featuring Aegis and a pencil board to place your paper on when writing or sketching.

Wondergoo's P3P Goods

We've seen the deluxe pack that Ebten is offering but, importers and Japanese gamers have another choice from the Gamers store who are offering a pair of Panasonic branded red earphones. They kind of resemble the Persona 3 Konami Style LE that was available when the PS2 version of the game came out.

Specs and build quality of the earphones unknown although I wouldn't be interested anyway since I'm satisfied with the Sony MDR-EX500LP earphones ^^;

P3P Panasonic earphones.

So if you had the choice here, which of the goods would you go for? Personally, I think I would go for those bookmarks although I'm not sure if it's one randomly selected or the full set...

Will be interesting to see if the NA version gets another free soundtrack disc or not!

Heroine's S. Link parody.

And thought I'd just post this parody about the Heroine's S. Links I came across on the English Atlus forum. Not sure who drew it but the art's good and it looks like she's not getting a lot of good regular dates ^^;


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Thats the thing. Since I can't read Japanese, I never preorder this things. If I could, I would probably do pre-order several and then re-sell the games alone.

Meh... I hope some of this new art gets into an artbook and Atlus USA gives it as a pre-order bonus... or another Social Link pack from Amazon.



Xcomp 作者

They usually package some pre-order goods with their games if you order early enough but... Only if they're first party goods and not third party shop exclusive like the items here unfortunately.

So you would order mroe than one copy of the game just to get all the items with new art? It's just one item per copy ^^;




I want some of those things... specially the ones with new art.
Though that shall be just a dream :(




Do you know if Play-Asia is offering any pre-order bonus?
I know it´s unlikely, but i would like to be sure(as i pre-ordered there)




lmao at the parody drawings!! Especially Junpei & the Moon s.link o_O;;;