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A Stroll Around Glasgow Green

Photo Stroll

A Stroll Around Glasgow Green

Never been to the East End of Glasgow before and I'm pretty sure my parents never brought me here either. I decided to take a look when I saw a sign pointing to "Glasgow Green" park while hunting for interesting places to practice my photography skills.

I have to say it looks very plain arriving from the west entrance. There's the old McLennan Arch, a small playground for kids and a large open space.

At Glasgow Green.

Lots of long pathways lined by trees. Not many people around so far.

Long pathway.

This one heading towards Nelson's Monument which was built to mark Admiral Horatio Nelson's death.

Nelson's Monument

Looks like there's not any interesting shooting spots here... Or is there?

This looks interesting...

This is the back of the People's Palace and Winter Gardens building.

Nice paths.

It looks very similar to the Botanic Gardens close to Glasgow University...

People's Palace and Winter Gardens

And so does the inside although I think the difference is it has a small selection of winter plants while the Botanic Gardens have a bigger tropical and spring selection.

Both have a nice little cafe to sit around though. I almost laughed when I heard a small group of tourists shout out happily, "Toilets!"

Inside the Winter Garden

Nice Zen garden. Always thought Zen was Japanese but then my cousin told me it's an art that originated from China and is actually called, "Chan".

Zen garden.

You should see raked rings and lines around the stones but obviously the kids have been ignoring the sign or the parents haven't done much disciplining ^^;

Sign doesn't work.

The glass architecture's great.

Nice architecture.

And things get better as I spot this round the back (or front rather) - The Doulton Fountain. Very extravagant.

Doulton Fountain

Apparently this was moved from the Kelvingrove park near Glasgow University but, I remember seeing a similar terracotta fountain there too. It no longer works like this one, though. Shame.


Apparently it was designed to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee of 1887 and celebrate Britain’s Imperial achievements which is why you see the people from the following countries sculpted around it...







And India.


Lots of wide open spaces around here. Probably for events but should be fun to lazy around on warm sunny days ^^;

Space for lazying around?

Also spotted a Russian-looking building further away.

Another interesting building spotted.

Interestingly enough, only one side looked like this just like the People's Palace.


Couldn't find out what it was... Looked like the back for a new set of departments.

Looks new.

And moving on, we come across a place where everyone used to hang out their washing in the old days.

People can still do that these days but with a little more privacy such as in their own garden or balcony of course.

Hang your washing here.

Yet another nice looking fountain - James Martin Memorial from 1873. A drinking one in fact but it wasn't working...

I remember I used to drink from the little fountains at school but eventually stopped wondering if the water was actually clean.

James Martin Memorial

Go to the park at the right time of the year and you can find thesee ice-cream vans nearby. You can hear them coming through town with their little tune playing, stopping to sell off both frozen lollies and fresh ice cream from the factories.

Ice-cream van!

At the end of Glasgow Green we find the St. Andrew's Bridge, one of the twenty bridges you'll find on the Clyde River Heritage Trail which takes two hours to walk one way I think.

St. Andrew's Bridge

Going any further means heading to Loch Lomond I think but that would take a long time walking.

Boat house in the park.

It was getting late by the time I was heading back. Look at all the ducks all going to sleep already.

Ducks sleeping.

Better get going before the nastier folk come out to play... Had a few five year old children throwing stones and using profanity at me while I was minding my own business taking the last few shots. They ran off when I turned round to glare at them. Luckily they didn't hit my DSLR...

That's some encouragement for any tourists out in the evening or I was just unlucky. I think I would have to recommend Pollok Country Park over this place despite the great fountain ^^;

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I stroll around here in Glasgow Green to take photographs too but have never ventured when the schools come out. Sad fact when you can't get peace from kids who do not know how to behave themselves. Personally would love to give them a good kick up the backside but we are not allowed to anymore. Another sad fact.

The "ducks" you mention are actually geese and they are permenant residents. Mostly hybrid.

The "factory" building you describe as Russian was a carpet factory and was built by the Indians (from India) got to clarify that or some Americans will think I am talking about native Americans. :)
The owner wanted it done in the design of what would be built in India decoratively speaking. My brother worked there when it was a carpet making factory. Now a business park.
The Doulton fountain was to commemorate the commonwealth of the time, so not really un PC :)
Anyway, hope you don't mind me pointing out a few things for you :)




LHY Author

Thanks for the enlightening comment!



Xcomp Author

It does stand out from everything else, doesn't it? ^^;




Some really beautiful constructions there. But I wonder, even though it's so beautifully made, that terracotta fountain seems vaguely un-PC. XD