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P3P Heroine Visits P4's Town Inaba

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P3P Heroine Visits P4's Town Inaba


So, I was partly right that Yuko and Miyamoto were indeed meeting outside a room during their school trip but not in Kyoto - It's in Inaba!

By choosing to play as the Heroine, you will visit Inaba two years before Persona 4 and meet Yukiko who is still just a junior high student. This happens late summer during August instead of November and, you and your classmates spend a night at Yukiko's family Amagiya Ryokan.

Yukiko appears in P3P.

Another "feature" from Persona 4, eh?

Screenshots fairly much confirm the mandatory fan service which makes me wonder... If some of the video cutscenes are removed, maybe Atlus should throw in some nice event only illustrations that are common with visual novels - Like they did with Trauma Centre: Under the Knife 2.

I think it would be cool to have some new original illustrations for once instead of recyling the same character pose images.

カットインムービーが何か切られたらしいだけれど、アドベンチャーゲームや「救急救命 カドゥケウス2」のように


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Xcomp 作者

Just like RZ says, it looks like they're going there for some training. Inaba is a rural place after all so it would make sense. Rio gets so excited she chooses to run all the way up the hills in the screenshot.




Oh what, it's Amagi!! She's so cute~~~
It's possible that Yukiko and Chie aren't friends at that time so we probably won't be able to see Chie. I wonder when Yukiko started to wear red clothes...
They can show us Rise if they want to. They can still make an event in Port Island, Club Escapade including Rise.
What about the other ones? I would like to see Dojima, Kanji, Saki and Morooka... After all it's such a special event right?
I wonder why they decided to visit Inaba. Because of some sporting activities? There isn't really anything special about that town.




Ugh. If we get to see Chie there as well I won't complain. But why Yukiko? Damn it.

Rise would have been a better option. Considering she has been at Iwatodai before, as they hinted when they went to Club Escapade. She even mentions that the lights went out... which could be blamed on the Shadow that appeared there.

I think this may be a Sports Event, seeing as we see Rio, Kazushi and Yuko there. Specially considering that the School Trip to Kyoto is still taking place, since we've seen screenshots of Minako (MShe) and Yukari at Kyoto's hotel.




Damn, Yukiko looks so damn cute with short hair!