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Merchant City Festival 2009 Parade


Merchant City Festival 2009 Parade

The annual Merchant City Festival 2009 just ended yesterday and it also happened to be the first time I attended. It was a good opportunity to give my DSLR a whirl. Fortunately, it wasn't raining so I managed to get some shots during Saturday's parade.

The parade was gathering at Nelson Mandela place and the police were already there to keep order.

Parade gathering at Nelson Mandela Place.

Quite a crowd was gathering to watch too.

Crowd gathers as the parade begins.

Started off at half 12 as scheduled with one of the ladies from Carnival Arts leading the way with an extravagant green costume.

Start of the parade.

Carnival Collective, a group of musicians from Brighton. I really couldn't hear much of the music because of there was more than one band...

Carnival Collective.

Puff Uproar and the Shimmering Affair behind them with more vivid colours from Carnival Arts. I like those huge figure costumes!

Puff Uproar and the Shimmering Sound Affair

Those colourful dresses really brighten up the cloudy day!

Vivid dresses from the Carnival Arts ladies.

Kings of Mucumba. Now these guys I think I heard when I arrived in town early.

Kings of Macumba

The ambulance and police following close behind in case there were any accidents of course.

Just passing by George Square

Going right round George Square and in front of the City Hall. Hard to get a clean shot with so many people trying to take photos too and the 3x zoom on my lens didn't provide quite enough reach.

Another dash of colour from Carnival Arts.

The Seagulls... Cute outfits. Reminded me of the seagulls from Finding Nemo actually - The ones that say nothing but, "Mike! Mike! Mike!" ^^;

Quoting... The Seagulls - Surreal, interactive and cuddly.

And the tail of parade ends with a display from Carnival Arts.

The tail end of the parade.

There were many other events on - some paid, some free but it was a little late by the time I found out about them. Would have been interesting to see what Mirror's Edge is like in real life parkouring.

The guide that was handed out.

Apparently there was also a fashion show where the models were performing in shop windows and in the streets but missed that too. I didn't have a polariser with me to minimise the reflections on the glass anyway, though ^^;

Saying that however, there's a few photos on Flickr already.

A look inside.

What the guide for this year looked like just for the record.

Trees starting to dress in their autumn colours.

On another note, it looks like it's nearly a good time for some autumn colour photo shooting.

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Xcomp Author

So they did ^^;

It's a festival to help promote the "Merchant City" area of the city and let people have fun at the same time, I think.




Seagulls said "Mine!"

Coolio parade. What is the Merchant City Festival?