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Famitsu's Second Exclusive P3P Trailer

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Famitsu's Second Exclusive P3P Trailer

Yup, they're not going to let the P3P hype stop... We've got the weekly Monday official website updates, weekly Famitsu magazine coverage and the director's blog. So basically, we get to hear about P3P every few days ^^;

Anyway, Famitsu has a new exclusive trailer up for the game showing another multi-branching dialogue situation. This time at the beach.

Junpei shows his admiration towards the ladies saying that he just can't get enough of seeing their fine slender bodies that he usually doesn't get to see - Including the heroine and the player has the following answers to choose from...

  • Thanks.
  • You creepy old man!
  • You're disgusting!

Heroine at the beach.

And other points noticed from the screens are...

  • Aegis still feels happy when being together with the MC even when it's the Heroine.
  • While at the Kyoto outting, Mitsuru wants to try out the "Special Strawberry Parfait" with the Heroine that Yukari recommended.
  • A new "Vision Quest Room" revealing one of the doors leads to the Emperor and Empress. Maybe it's boss rush related.
  • New character Saori's arcana is the Hermit which means maybe she'll replace Maya, the online chat character the Hero talks to.
  • It appears they've added part time jobs that were available in P4.

All this at the cost of downgrading the game's visual presentation. To be honest, I'm kind of wondering why Atlus didn't decide to release the game on two UMDs like what Falcom did with their enhanced port of Legend of Heroes VI SC. Then they would have more room to work with - One disc for the Hero and one for the Heroine.


New Vision Quest Room?

Aside from that, it looks like Lotus Juice is rapping with the new singer, Mayumi Fujita. Want to hear more of the new tracks already!

Well, the Persona Music Live 2009 happens this Saturday and hopefully someone will take some short video clips of the event while they're there besides Famitsu. Anyone who wants to see footage of last year's concert, don't forget the DVD that just got released on Wednesday!

Then again, it looks like people have ripped the main songs onto YouTube already.

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Xcomp Author

I did see it but at US$90, I think it's a bit steep for the goods... ^^;

I suppose the calendar would make a nice artbook afterwards, though.




My live DVD hasn't even been shipped yet, HMV is always so slow with shipping :(

Completely agree about the 2 UMD thing. In fact when they announced it I thought it would be on 2 disks to make it fit, and it was a letdown to hear they're downgrading the graphics.

Did you see Ebten's P3P DX pack? I'd love to get it but haven't found any shop who stocks it yet D:



Xcomp Author

You could have emailed me or made your comment on my last OTWS post instead of here. I can see all comments no matter where they're made so it doesn't have to be on the latest post for attention ;)

I'm not sure about working on the translation because I'm in the middle of re-developing a new site to replace this Wordpress powerred blog.

If there's still nothing from Hitoshura say by the end of October or no one else takes on the project then maybe I'll do it. I'm not promising anything, though.

You mean you're one of those spam bots? Damn, you had me fooled...! Just kidding. Your comments are welcome :)




Oh, forgot to say...I'm still gonna buy it nonetheless. <3




They're replacing Maya (the most awesome S.Link ever) with Saori? NO WAY! :<




At first, I thought they might have gotten rid of the cut scenes so that they wouldn't have to re-animate them with the female MC instead of the male one (ie. laziness), but then, they're adding so much new content that that doesn't really seem to be the case.

(I should stop spamming up your Persona posts now ^__^)




Hey, XComp, read around here every now and then, we've got some similar tastes. This isn't related to anything you've been posting as of late here, but I figured it'd be the best place to get noticed.

I'm a lurker/poster on thelifestream forums, where you've posted before with your translations for the On The Way To A Smile novellas. The only one left to be translated and released in the English language is Case of Shinra.

From what I gathered, you've held off because Hitoshura said he'd be all over it, but he's been M.I.A. for a couple of months now, and I figured I'd ask if you'd put any thought/time into translating the final part of OTWTAS yourself.

Thanks for enlightenment/feedback in advance,