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Hong Kong TVB Channel Gets a Reference in Canaan

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Hong Kong TVB Channel Gets a Reference in Canaan

Haven't really been watching or playing much lately but, decided to give "Canaan" a try because of all the good things I've heard about it. Then I spotted the TVB logo on the Air Caina TV in episode one...

The scrolling Chinese headline barely made sense to me. If "Engrish" is a term for bad English then what's a term for bad Chinese I wonder? That said, it's not as bad as hearing Anime fans spouting random spews of Japanese though.

A TVB reference in Canaan.

TVB's Chinese isn't this bad...

The character designs reminded me of Type-Moon's Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime... And indeed they're all drawn by the same designer, Takashi Takeuchi.

Bored sniper girl...
That's one way to win a stuffed doll.

I'm not too impressed by the show so far because the characters feel too generic and the scenarios over-dramatic but, it's definitely got some funny touches in between all the action. Maybe I'll keep watching.

Crazy Taxi

Staff must be a fan of Sega's Crazy Taxi.

canaan tvb

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Mark of a language's prominence: the number of people ready and willing to mangle it beyond recognition.

On that count, English still wins by a large margin. ;)




Well, I think it's easier for Chinese people to learn Japanese because of the "Kanji" similarities, in meaning at least.



Xcomp Author

Hmmm... Not a bad name for it. As for legit Chinese, I couldn't really hear any apart from when Minoru the reporter was switching languages on the plane.

Of course it is... Harder to read you mean...

Well, I know all three langauges and I would say Chinese and Japanese have their own difficult parts to learn. Chinese obviously has a larger amount of Kanji to memorise - Especially when it comes to formal and academic documents. On the other hand Japanese have multiple pronunciations for Kanji and different levels of formality to learn.




Well if you ask me, Japanese should actually be the hardest of the 3 major Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)




Your Right TVB's Chinese isn't that bad.. it's worst :P




Anime + Bad Chinese = "ChinPanese?"

I read on the random curiousity blog that Canaan breaks the mold in at least having the characters mention how hard Chinese is and that there are legit Chinese speakers in there. Not that I'm speaking from experience.




Haha. The news channel has a mix of simplified and traditional Chinese on the bottom.