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Google to Release Own Operating System, Chrome OS


Google to Release Own Operating System, Chrome OS


Google has just announced their own operating system "Chrome OS" which will be, as the name suggests, is a project that branches off from their recent browser Chrome according to their blog. It will run with a Linux kernel at its core and the goals are for it to be lightweight, safer and faster to boot up than windows. It also appears most of the free software will be offered as web applications that can only be run via the internet.

Google Chrome OS

That's all good but I think the biggest obstacle will be how much backing they'll have from the major hardware and software manufacturers. If there's a lot of compatibility problems, the casual user will probably end up sticking with Windows anyway - Especially gamers and graphic artists.

It will also have to be easy to install new programs too whereas in Linux distributions, it's a little more complex since most of the time you have to compile the source code yourself before you can use them.

Either way, it will be interesting if this Linux based project will prove to be more popular than other distros such as Ubuntu.

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Xcomp 作者

Firefox does feel like it's starting to get bloated with all the new features being added such as the video and audio support but, I still prefer its flexibility and selection of add-ons. Security and bug fixes are rolled out quickly too.




chrome is actually the fastest browser if you compare firefox and ie. firefox used to be quite fast, but recent versions (3.x) is just terrible.




Oh, I just ment against Linux.... Will never come close to VISTA/XP or Leopards popularity.




Ha. Last time I checked. ,Chrome Browser, ....wasn't that good. I tried the browser initially with much expectation. But didn't like it at all. Then Apple copied Google & brought out the new Safari. Much better!

You know, I happy to say that Probably Chrome OS will just overtake, I'm assuming it will leave Linux in the dust, even though Linux has a much better name, Google has the brand name you see. I use VISTA Ultimate, but would love to use apple oneday.