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FFVII Advent Children Complete Postcard Book


FFVII Advent Children Complete Postcard Book

Et voilĂ ! Here is a quick review (or should I say peek?) of the FFVII Advent Children Complete Postcard Book I picked up while I was in HK but, you can also import it from Play Asia. I say quick because there really isn't much to say about it besides being a collection of 24 B6 sized glossy postcards featuring a mix of both old and new CG illustrations. Many of them already came with the American Collector's Set of the original movie and were also featured at the three day exhibition.

FFVII Advent Children Complete Postcard Book

On the back of each postcard, you'll find the wolf emblem for sticking an 80 yen stamp and a quote of the featured character in English.

The postcard with Tifa in her Avalanche clothing was pretty amusing. The quote is, "Not until... He gets a lecture." I didn't know she meant that kind of lecture! Ouch! Then again, I think she changed her mind at the end of the movie.

Preview 1

I think these would make some nice wallpapers. Half the screen with the render and the other half plain white with a bit of abstract pattern along the borders...

Preview 2

At the back, there's a few pages briefly profiling the characters and the quotes (both in English and Japanese) used on the postcards.

Character Profiles... Again.

Now the question is... Would anyone actually tear these out to use?

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They should also have had a render of Elena and Tseng from the Turks..Elena's pretty :]




I would never use the postcards ^^

I just keep them as a very special item




I would! but it'd be a little sad seeing all the postages all over the back of the cards, and the possibility of damage through utilizing the postal services to send said cards..