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Watching the Early Spring Evening Skies


Watching the Early Spring Evening Skies

Bit of a more personal post this...

Watching the early spring evening skies as the clouds flow by, change colours and dimming with Frederick Chopin's "Grand Waltz Brilliant" playing in the background was very soothing for some reason today. Just happened to have it playing from the Eternal Sonata soundtrack as I was getting up to close the blinds and turn on the lights.

I've actually been considering buying his musical pieces. One CD at least.

Early Spring evening skies.

I don't know about anywhere else but here, I don't think there's many places where one can take a relaxing walk, surrounded by some calming or beautiful scenery to gaze at such as in Hong Kong or Japan as the skies darken. Well, perhaps some of the places I where I went for a photo stroll.

I'm not sure if I want to try for a job at either of those countries though because life just seems to be so much more fast paced in comparison to here.

Anyway, let me take this opportunity to remind my readers Daylight Saving Time takes place this Sunday so if you're in one of the affected countries, don't forget the clocks will be pushed forward one hour.

Why not take a break?

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Xcomp Author

Well, the skies are constantly changing like nature's gallery but, sounds like you had quite a view too.

Have to agree about staying a tourist. Maybe even have a holiday home in some other country if one's keen enough.




Daylight Savings has not come into effect for me here in Australia yet. We've pushed it back a week though I'm not sure why. Now when I wake up at 6:40am the sky is still dark.
The evening sky tend to be very nice, but I don't tend to take many photos of it (because it's done so often). The other day, a contrail from an earlier plane had been left across the sky, and this was dyed orange by the setting sun, against a darkening blue sky.
While I love going to Japan (and to a certain extent, Hong Kong), I'm pretty realistic in regards to how it would be like living or working there. I'll remain a tourist, I think.