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Akikan, Episode Summaries 07 ~ 10

Akikan Anime

Akikan, Episode Summaries 07 ~ 10

Episode 7
A Big Welcome for the Transfer Student
New opening song, "Juicy Extacy".

Najimi suggests Yell attends the same school as her so that she could learn how fun it is to go to school. She causes quite a stir at the school and gains popularity instantly as the students learn she is Najimi's maid and refers to Kakeru with the honorific suffix "-sama". The craziness doesn't stop there as Kakeru makes a fool out of Kisaki and Yurika swears she will never let him lay hands on her beloved Najimi or other girls. Fortunately, the class ends before anything could happen. Kakeru is still worried Yell and Melon may still fight as part of the Akikan Elect and his fears are realised when a baseball game becomes a competition between the two candidates.

Akikan 07

Episode 8

Swimsuit Sensitivity

It was time for Kakeru to fulfil the promise he made with Najimi and the two of them were going to the water park, Ile Flottante. Kakeru wasn't all too excited since he couldn't swim but Najimi wasn't going to let that interrupt their little date. However, neither of them knew that their Akikans and friends were spying on their every move.

Akikan 08

Episode 9
The Moment Hearts Connect

Melon ends up running up a huge mobile phone bill and is made to work to pay it off herself. She willingly accepts responsibility thinking Kakeru was going to introduce a good job to her but is disgusted to find she had to work at a maid cafe. To make things worse, she has to serve Kakeru and the rest of the friends from school. At the same time, Yell takes an interest in working part time for some reason and ends up upsetting Najimi because she was keeping it a secret.

Akikan 09

Episode 10
Being Grateful for the Never Changing Days

It's a very regular day for the Akikan girls while their "owners" are out. Melon spends her day reading baseball news but ends up spilling juice over her dress. While cleaning it up, she decides to help clean Kakeru's dirty washing too before going to cool off from the heat but the weather plays tricks on her. Budoko is taking a nap so Misaki decides not to disturb her and goes out shopping alone. When Budoko wakes up, she finds her hair a mess and while fixing it, she plays "Snow White and The Seven Dwarves". Meanwhile, Yell was going about her maid chores cleaning Najimi's house up and learns the meaning of her name but messes up the house again when she sees a dragonfly.

Akikan 10

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