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Correct Orientation of the British Flag

雜記 節日

Correct Orientation of the British Flag


I hate to say this but... Never knew the British flag, the Union Jack was oriented a certain way until I came across the BBC News reporting the mistake made at the UK-China Ceremony earlier this week. Notice the pattern isn't symmetrical and the upper-left white diagonal stripe should be thicker. So in other words, that corner of the flag should be attached to the pole or, be in your right hand when holding it.

I don't think one could make a similar mistake with other flags when they're all clearly asymmetrical at a glance.

Full details can be found on Wikipedia about proper use of the flag and how it came about.

Correct way to hold the Union Jack.

flag union jack


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The correct name is the Union Flag. Union Jack is a Naval Flag. Ships in distress would deliberately fly the Flag upside down to warn other British ships of a problem onboard




Did you notice also in the article:

The term Union Jack specifically refers to the flag flown at the front of Royal Navy ships when in port.



Xcomp 作者

Well, at least we know now and we haven't had the shame of being told by a foreigner yet D:




haha i never noticed either. Guess we don't deserve to stay here!