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Wall-E and Pixar's Next Movie


Wall-E and Pixar's Next Movie

Got round to watching Wall-E and it's of expected quality from Pixar. The opening scene really depicted how barren the planet was, making one wonder what happened and how lonely little Wall-E was. It was also interesting to see how the Pixar team replaced the various elements you would expect in a romance movie such as using the lighter instead the candle stick although, the approach on the love theme appears to make an earlier entry and is more direct than previous works.

Comedy's still there despite the little voice acting. I actually like the way the robot names "Eve" and "Wall-E" has been skewed to vary their tones. Reminds me of how Tom Hanks said he had to practice so many different ways to say "no" in Toy Story!

I liked the part where she grabbed the arm back from him just in time to get a wanted photo taken. Eve has some serious fire power and really needs to learn how to control her temper... In comparison, Wall-E is like a little kid.

I really can't imagine humans getting so dependent on technology that we become like giant overgrown babies, so lazy that we can't even talk to each other when we're sitting side by side but, if it wasn't dramatic, it wouldn't be a movie. I guess technology has changed the way we communicate for both the good and bad. Good because we can still see each other over webcams no matter how far we are and bad because we don't really have to meet up to talk, lowering the overall interactions between one another.

Will be adding this to my Pixar DVD collection once it's out!

So Pixar's explored the sea and space now... I wonder where they plan to go next? Judging by their next year's movie "Up", it looks as if they're going to explore the skies. I really wonder when they're going to run out of themes to go with but they've been very creative so far.

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