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DJ Max Portable Clazziquai Edition This October with Multi-Language

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DJ Max Portable Clazziquai Edition This October with Multi-Language

Ruliweb reveals that "DJ Max Portable Calzziquai", part of the DJMP Metro Project, will be coming out this month in October and the good news is, it will once again be released with the option to select English, Korean or Japanese.

There will be a bunch of changes and new modes too. First up, missions are back with the new "Club Tour" mode where, as the name suggests, players will be able to travel between clubs of their choice to try and accomplish missions. There will be three different types of clubs namely Music Clubs, Repository Clubs and Mission Clubs. Different areas feature different genres of music.

And because this version of the game is catered towards DJ Max newbies unlike the Black Square version , there will be a 2 button based tutorial mode where the cute girls from the First Kiss band, will be teaching the player how to play the game.

It's not just in Tutorial Mode either. 2B mode will also appear in the other main game modes where the player only makes of two buttons and the analogue stick.

Analogue stick notes no longer require you to twirl it round and round. You can just hold it in one direction too if you want.

Taking advantage of the PSP's hardware a step further, there will now be music videos making use of real time 3D graphics playing in the background.

Due to the positive feedback from users about the Fever Mode that appeared in DJMP2, this time players will be allowed to equip different items to help with the combo multiplier effect such as auto-fever. Or if you prefer, you don't have to equip any fever items at all and forget it altogether.

And not surprisingly, you will be able to use all the songs from the previous two games too if you have access to them.

Album Mode is and Network Battle is still there while a new "Data Install" option will allow players to install part of the game onto the memory stick to speed up loading times. Real music lovers amongst you will probably enjoy the new built-in equaliser too.


I was hoping for some kind of story to tie it all together but looks like there won't be any. I guess the original DJMP band from the first game was disbanded since the first game so we won't be seeing the cast in this game. "Club Tour" Mode still sound good, though.

Can't wait to play this!

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