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Tales of Hearts, CG Version or Anime Version for You?

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Tales of Hearts, CG Version or Anime Version for You?


The latest original "Tales of" title, "Tales of Hearts" due sometime this December for the DS is going to be available in two versions; one with Anime cut-scenes and one with 3DCG cutscenes. Which version do you prefer? Personally I find the CG ones to be quite creepy looking and unnatural in this case.

The story this time revolves around a sleeping princess in the Forests of Ivala and a land where a White and Black Moon exists. Her dreams show that one day the White Moon will shatter and the Black Moon will fall upon the land. A disease that infects the mind known as "Deathbil" is spreading around and an ancient dream eating monster of the past Zerom is said to be on the loose, eating away the Sepiria in people's hearts. Now it's up to our young heroes to stop it.

Not really a fan of the series but, interesting to see what they're releasing two versions with different styles of cutscenes.


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Seems like most people (myself included) dislike the CG version.