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Code Geass R2 - Episode 19

Anime Code Geass

Code Geass R2 - Episode 19

Episode 19 Summary - Betrayal

Zero had now lost his composition as he sits in his Shinkiro overlooking the giant crater created by the FLEIJA. The casualties were estimated to be over ten or even twenty-five million.

Everyone was in shock. Lelouch tries to order his followers to find Nunnally, not believing that she was dead. However, Toudou knew he was no longer rational and takes command, telling everyone to retreat. Lelouch desperately tries to contact anyone else he could but receives no answer. Instead he is escorted back by Jeremiah and Rollo as a temporary ceasefire is held.

Lelouch is brought back to his quarters still in shock. Rollo tries to cheer him up by saying they will still manage together because he will be there for him. Jeremiah calls asking for Lelouch on the phone but Rollo wanted to let his brother rest. Lelouch looks over as the locket hanging from Rollo's phone catches his eye. He angrily grabs it from Rollo and stands up demanding why he had the present he bought for Nunnally. He throws it violently to the floor and tells Rollo to get out. Rollo was just a dispensable tool he despised and had tried to kill many times. Rollo will never take Nunnally's place. Lelouch orders Rollo to get out. He never wanted to see him again.

Meanwhile, Nina couldn't believe what her bomb managed to do. Lloyd reminds her she must choose to sacrifice her heart for science or, abandon to science to save her heart. He had made that decision long ago. Nina breaks down as she tries to get to grips with the reality that was before her.

Elsewhere, Schneizel manages to board the Ikaruga just as Cornelia was making an escape. It was a good chance to capture him but noticing his ship was equipped with another FLEIYA bomb, he decides not to. He demands to have a meeting with Zero and the Black Knights but of course, Toudou and the others couldn't contact him. They hold the meeting alone and to their surprise, they find out Zero's real identity was Schneizel and Cornelia's younger brother, the former 11th Britannian Prince.

Schneizel continues, telling them Lelouch possesses a power known as Geass that allows him to control people which was how he managed to create all the miracles he has so far. His words are backed up by Ougi who appears with Viletta. They are shown a list of the Geass victims that Lelouch controlled including Eupheumia his very own sister, who they had believed to be responsible for the massacre of the Japanese during the first establishment of the Special Administrated Zone of Japan. Furthermore, they had already warned him about the FLEIYA but he never told the rest of the Black Knights about it.

The Black Knights were losing their faith now, wondering if they've been used and were being controlled by Geass too. To them, it explained a lot of things such as why so many influential people suddenly changed sides. Schneizel continues calmly, asking if they were willing to hand over his brother now. Ougi agrees but only on the condition they get Japan back.

As the meeting went underway, Jeremiah was out looking for Nunnally within the crater hoping she was still alive. He spots Suzaku and lands to thank him for saving him before. Meanwhile, Ashford Academy was being used as a refuge shelter. Both Milly and Rivalz were happy to find each other still alive.

Soon, Kallen arrives in Lelouch's quarters. They were summoning him to one of the storage rooms, number four. She is surprised to find C.C. acting oddly and asking Lelouch to take his clothes off until she learns C.C. had lost her memories. As she and Lelouch travels down in the lift, she starts to worry about him knowing that both Nunnally and C.C. were gone. Her thoughts are interuptted when Lelouch apologises for taking so long to rescue her.

Together, they enter the storage room but find themselves suddenly blinded by bright spot lights. Kallen tries to protect him but was also hesitating with the others now. Was she being used too? Zero pauses and spots Schneizel standing high in a corner. He decides there was no way out now and lies to Kallen that he has been using them all along, her being his greatest pawn of them all. It was all just a game. Just as she walks away slowly in tears, he whispers to her to live on.

Just as the Black Knights were about to execute Lelouch, the Shinkiro appears before him blocking the gunfire. Despite the cruel things he had said to Rollo, he was there to save him. Lelouch tries to stop him because he had no reason to live any more now that Nunnally was dead but, Rollo ignores him as they made their escape. HIs time stopping powers allowed them to escape Anya's attack and the other Knightmare's pursuit but, it was taking a heavy toll on his heart and was beginning to show. As he desperately tried to escort his brother to safety while grasping his chest in pain, he thought about the happy times they spent together.

Landing in a forest, Rollo sits at the controls of the Shinkiro. Lelouch asks him why he tried to save him and learns Rollo didn't believe what he had said about hating and trying to kill him. Lelouch smiles and lets Rollo believe just that as he dies. After burying Rollo, Lelouch realises he had really lost everything now but also found something else that he must still do and that was retribution. He swears he will bring his father Charles with him to hell.

Next episode, "Unfit to be Emperor"


Yay, so Ashford Academy's fine and both Rivalz and Milly are still alive. Nice to see them reunite but no hug.

What an end for Rollo. Can't help but feel sorry for the guy but that track was too sweet for him. They should have used something a lot more "manly" sounding. Now Lelouch has really lost everything. Wonder what his plan is now?

The changes just have to happen on a big scale to make it dramatic enough. Show's starting to get a little more interesting again but also feels like it's all happening a little too quickly.

Hmmm, "Geass Injured Person List"... So these people are all injured? Not to be picky but, there must be someone on the team that has better English. "Geass Victim List" would be more appropriate I think.

Interesting how they chose the storage room number four, a number which is associated with death in Asia because it has the same pronunciation. Wonder if any of the fansubbers noticed this little bit of detail?

Not a bad prize this time round... The second ending theme song single, "World End". I think I prefer Flow's PTS OP "Word of the Voice" though.

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