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Persona 4 OST Takes Fifth Place in Oricon Charts

雜記 Persona 4

Persona 4 OST Takes Fifth Place in Oricon Charts


I know it's been over a week since my last post and I'm fairly far behind with the Anime summaries but, really busy this month. A lot of work to get done before the new semester starts next month. I guess it won't be until the end of the month before I can catch up with blogging again...

In the meantime, I wanted to post this while it was still "fresh". Shoji Meguro's Persona 4 OST has managed to make it into the Oricon music charts, taking fifth place in the first week of August with over 21,000 copies sold. And with the game sales at 265,000 copies, that means 1 in every 13 people who bought the game may have bought the soundtrack too.

Good to see his hard work's paying off! The P3 music never made it in when they were released. Just a pity they didn't put his or Hirata's name down as the artist, just "game music". Now lets hope we get some video footage of the Persona Live Music concert next week!


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Xcomp 作者

Definitely, since it's the "normal" music charts.



Silver moon

Grats to meguro. !!!!




Grats to meguro.




Being placed within Oricon's charts must really mean something, huh?

Makes it all the better that the game (and of course, the accompanying music in it) will be coming soon to the rest of the world... ^_^