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Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora Episode 3

Anime Mahoutsukai: Natsu no Sora

Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora Episode 3

Episode 3 Summary - Sora

It's been so hot lately! Be sure to keep yourself hydrated!

Sora wakes up with a startle after remembering she'll have to face Midorikawa everyday. She gets up to brush her teeth ready for the morning. Seiichirou was up too. Surprisingly, Midorikawa had been up long ago. He greets Sora as he walks by with his surfboard. He had been out surfing even though his instructor Saori wasn't too happy about it, thinking he had forgotten the reason why he was here.

All cleaned up, Sora and Seiichirou head to the main offices where Sora meets his assistant Fuune. The client requests for the day were ready for the trainees and Sora's first client was an old woman named Mami Motohashi, aged fifty-five.

Before that though, there was class of course. Yamabuki had problems sleeping after learning who her client was going to be although, Asagi and Kuroda were very confident because they knew how the procedure goes. All they had to do was follow their instructor's directions. Just as Sora was trying to cheer up Yamabuki, their teacher enters and they learn that it is forbidden to discuss about the nature of their clients and to use magic before any training but, much to their relief they will not be punished for what they have used it for in the past.

After a short break, it was soon time to set off to accomplish their first requests. Yamabuki was getting a bit worried about Midorikawa because he couldn't seem to use his magical talents. He didn't manage to do anything during last day's test after all and has been reading books about using magic.

They set off their separate ways. Sora and Seiichirou arrive at a large traditional mansion. The servant there leads them inside to meet the mistress Motohashi and immediately Sora was to carry out her task.

It was always the same request from Motohashi. She wanted a mage to help her open up a locked safe that was built into a wall and then lock it back up for her afterwards. She didn't have a key for it. Sora was curious why she continued to do this and was a bit hesitant about carrying out the request. She opens the safe but grabs the contents inside before rushing out the building.

Sora found it sad that Motohashi was stuck in the past, never leaving the building, always looking at the photos of her loved ones. Seiichirou and Motohashi chases after her and eventually reclaims the photo albums from Sora after reminding her a mage shouldn't get involved with the client's personal matters.

It was a while before Sora was summoned again to help close the safe. Sora puts her hand gently on Motohashi's and tells her destructive magic was used to break the lock open. She won't be able to use the safe again until it's fixed. Once again, Sora tries to open up Motohashi, trying to make her face the reality that her loved ones won't come back. What was more important now was herself and getting on with life. Hearing this, Motohashi finally realises whats she has been doing.

Together, Sora looks over the photos of her late husband who was a politician and her daughter who had studied in the UK and got married there. She hardly returns to visit Motohashi. Sora too wishes she could go to the UK someday, Peter Rabbit being one of her favourite stories.

Motohashi smiles, inviting her to go together but Sora was more determined to finish her training as a mage so that she could return to her mother. A sad look crosses Sora's face as she is reminded of how her mother was alone at home. Sora didn't understand why her mother doesn't accept invitations to dinner from their neighbours but, Motohashi did. Going to someone's home alone will only make one feel even more lonelier once one returns home so, it was probably best if she didn't go and stayed alone. However, Sora didn't agree, especially after seeing how Motohashi treasured the photos that showed her together with family.

It was time to leave and Sora had fulfilled her client's wishes. Along the way home, she apologises to Seiichirou for not following orders. Seiichirou laughs and scuffles her hair. Sora looks up at the evening sky and remarks how it was different from the one she was used to in Biei but, both were very beautiful.

On the other hand, Midorikawa had failed to carry out his tasks. He tries to walk off but Saori manages to convince him to stay. Was he going to just give up and go home, not accepting his fate just like his father did?

Next week's keyword is, "Veranda"

Next episode, "Gouta"


Seiichirou looks great in the morning, eh? Midorikawa seems to have made a good start with Sora with a simple greeting. At least this seems to have helped do away with the awkwardness that's been built up between them since that test. Sora seems to be impressed by his surfing too.

Not much else to say about this episode because it was pretty predictable. I was already expecting Sora to go out of her way to help the old lady and then not get into trouble for it. I think the focus now is to find out why Midorikawa can't use his magic.

On another note, I've decided to include the little messages Sora leaves behind at the start and end of each episode in italics. Also can't wait to hear the full versions of the theme songs!

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