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Monster Hunter or Moe Hunter, You Choose

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Monster Hunter or Moe Hunter, You Choose

Want some Monster Hunter figures but don't like the official ones? Well, how about this Moe Hunter dressed in a full set of Gypceros S armour? Looks like the Felyne's trying to cook the pet piggy! And yes, it really exists and looks like this in Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. Not sure about what skill points and attributes it offers though since I've never built a set.

Anyway, this is Ryunryuntei's Moe Hunter No. 1 figure and unfortunately, is only available as a "garage kit" (i.e. you have to paint and piece it together yourself). Find some more photos over at Icie's blog. I wonder what the sculptor will go for next? Maybe the Rathian or Kirin armour sets?

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Xcomp Author

I don't know I'm afraid but it seems the kits are sold only at events so they're very limited in number...




Where can I buy this kit?