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Code Geass R2 - Episode 8

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Code Geass R2 - Episode 8

Episode 8 Summary, Million Miracle

Zero appears and announces that he will take part in the Specially Administrated Zone of Japan much to Suzaku's surprise. Suzaku was angry and wanted to apprehend Zero right away but couldn't because of Nunnally. He draws back.

Meanwhile, the Special Intelligence were also watching them. With the Knightmare Vincent in the area, Viletta was very anxious that their betrayal would be found out if Rollo was the one found piloting it.

Back on board the Black Knight's submarine, Ougi who had fully backed Zero up was starting to have doubts about his decision. Was Zero doing this for his own selfishness? Soon, Zero appears. Kaguya runs up to him and gives him a hug, unaffected by his surprising move while the others start to question him. It appears Zero was resorting to other plans other than just brute force. Toudou has his doubts but quietens down when Zero asks him just what does it mean to be Japanese.

All over Area Eleven, announcements were being made to invite the Elevens to participate in the event and posters were up. However, many Elevens still had much doubt over their minds even though their hero Zero has officially agreed to join. In particular those who have managed to get a proper job amongst the Britannians.

Meanwhile at the academy, Suzaku was helping out with the garden project and was letting the others know in advance that he will be away for some time. When reminded of his status amongst the Britannians, the others are reminded of Kallen who was amongst the Black Knights and sees if Suzaku could do anything to help her clear her "crimes". Lelouch agrees and suggests maybe he can speak with the new Governor about it somehow.

Hearing Lelouch speak about the call he had set up, Suzaku begins to wonder if Lelouch's memories really haven't returned yet. He wanted to ask him why he killed Euphemia and was so lost in thought an assassin almost got him. Fortunately, the Geass command Lelouch had given him is triggered, forcing him to defend himself instantly.

With the garden work over, Lelouch was back in his room making arrangements for the next phase of his plans, speaking with Diethard who was still in China. Rollo reminds him of the promise between them and Lelouch replies that he hasn't forgotten. He will keep the academy going so that their everyday lives will remain intact but to do that, Britannia must not find out his memory had returned. He also wishes to overturn Britannia's rule while keeping this promise. V.V. was the real threat to them at the moment.

A few minutes later, Viletta enters the room. She still wasn't used to following Lelouch's command and addresses him as Zero at first. Lelouch smiles and corrects her, saying his identity would be revealed if she kept addressing him this way. He then goes onto ask if she wanted to see her dear Ougi.

At the same time, Nina was experimenting with the nuclear bomb she had created. During the Black Rebellion, she had tried to use it to destroy Zero because he had killed the Euphemia who she had respected but, it ended in failure. Despite her actions which could have wiped out a large number of Britannians too, Prince Schneizel understood why she did that and helped her out because she believes in Euphemia just like he does. He didn't believe Euphemia had caused the great massacre by her own will.

Later that night, while training with his traditional Japanese clothes, Suzaku is given a document to sign so that the Eleven who had tried to attack him can be executed. The approval of a Knight of the Round was needed. However, he was too hesitant to sign so Anya who was also with him, signs instead. After the guard leaves, Anya wonders if he was a masochist. Suzaku should know he will be hated by many by being an Eleven and having gained high status amongst the Britannians. Suzaku replies he didn't care if other people understood of him or not because someone dear long ago already had.

Their conversation is interrupted when Weinberg arrives, letting them know it was time for their little secret negotiation with Zero. At the meeting room, Lloyd and his assistant Cecil who had wanted to see Zero too. Zero soon appears on screen and is a little surprised that three Knights of the Rounds were present but isn't too pleased the new Governor wasn't there. Lloyd asks if he was still the same Zero and Zero replies that that his identity wasn't who was behind the mask but his actions.

Zero reports that they will be bringing one million Elevens with them to the event - on the condition that they pardon him of his crimes by exiling him. Suzaku was surprised by Zero's suggestion. He knows the Black Knights wouldn't be happy if they found out about his selfish deal. Suzaku was not so keen on agreeing but Rohmeier knows that one of their Special Area Laws will allow them to do so. Jimbo also steps in thinking that it was a good idea. With the leader gone, the Black Knights surely won't be a threat anymore and would be forced to disperse. However, Suzaku still wasn't too keen on the idea.

After a conference, Suzaku meets up with Nunnally at the Fuji Mausoleum to report what had just happened. They had reached the conclusion to exile Zero. Both Nunnally and Suzaku were commemorating Euphemia who was shot dead by Zero and were keen to carry on her will to create a world of peace. As he places a candle etched with the name "Euphy" into the water, he notices another candle etched with Euphemia's name. Someone else had been there before them but they didn't know it was Lelouch, Zero himself who had just left.

The next day, a million Elevens had gathered together in the Shizuoka Ghetto which was the new Specially Administrated Zone of Japan. It appears Zero was still a great influence to the people. Britannia were prepared to execute the Elevens if anything was to happen and Xing Ke himself was also present to witness the event.

The ceremony begins with Nunnally welcoming the crowd followed by Rohmeier's speech, explaining the terms that Britannia and Zero had agreed upon. Most of the Elevens were to receive amnesty for their crimes and will not be executed apart from those who were involved with General Carares' murder. Only Zero himself will be exiled of course. Moments later, Zero also reveals himself and begins by asking Suzaku the same question he asked Toudou, what does it mean to be Japanese?

Suzaku hesitates for a moment before answering it depended on their hearts and Zero agrees, saying as long as one has a heart shaped by Japanese culture then they are Japanese no matter where they were. Suddenly, a large smoke screen is launched amongst the Elevens. Nunnally is wheeled away to safety by Anya as they were expecting the Elevens to revolt. However, they couldn't make a move until their leader Zero appeared too.

As the smoke started to disperse, Rohmeier spots Zero but to their surprise the whole crowd had turned to Zero. Now all of them can be exiled as the Britannians were panicking about what to do. They had received reports that the giant iceberg ship ordered by the Chinese Federation was approaching them, big enough to transport the million Elevens.

With the possibility of the real Zero before them and that they were about to lose a large number of labourers, Rohmeier was prepared to make an example out of them all. On the other hand, Suzaku was unsure of what to do. Is he forgiving Zero by letting them all go? If he gave the order to attack now then, it would mean staining Nunnally's conscious but that won't happen if he lets them all go and with most of the Elevens gone, it would mean peace in Area Eleven. Zero had made this plan because he knew what Suzaku will choose to do.

As the impatient Rohmeier prepares to fire the first shot, Suzaku is reminded of the time when the same thing happened at Euphemia's ceremony before the great massacre. He pulls down Rohmeier's gun and decides to send all the people into exile to keep both Euphemia and Nunnally's word to let Zero go, despite being accused of residing to his feelings as a former Eleven.

Before setting off to their new land, Zero makes sure Suzaku promises that he will save the remaining Elevens who will still be in Britannia.

Next episode, "The Bride of Shukinjou"

The major power in Asia, the Chinese Federation. Those who have this country as their ally takes the first leading step in conquering the world. The daring Lelouch too, hoping to gain the friendship of Utage who resides in the Shukinjou (朱禁城), sneaks into the palace with few escorts.


Everyone who watched this was probably expecting Lelouch to be up to something but not exactly what. I know Lelouch came up with this plan because he knew Suzaku didn't want the same massacre to stain Nunnally's name but, I thought it was a nice plan making Britannia exile Zero then turning all the Japanese into Zeroes so that they all had to be freed too because his true identity wasn't known yet. Well, at least to the rest of Britannia anyway. Quite a hilarious moment because one could still tell who was who such as the energetic prancing Kaguya and Raksharta carrying her pipe.

Well, no Code Geass today because there was a special related "Code Geass Festival" event happening in the "sacred land" of Akiba where participants will find out more about the series as well as get a glimpse of episodes nine and ten. Quite a time to break the broadcasting schedule considering how we may finally see what the Chinese Federation's role in this will be. Oh well, less for me to write up over the week then. I'm sure fans will have fun guessing what will happen while picking up the bits of "neta (spoilers)" scattered about anyway.

Looking at the next episode's title, is "Shukinjou (朱禁城)" supposed to be a pun for China's "Forbidden City (紫禁城)" or is it just spelled wrong? I'm thinking the former so that it gives them some leeway to use whatever crazy ideas they may come up with without angering the real world Chinese people. There are still many disputes between Japan and China after all whereas there isn't any between Britain and Japan.

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Code Geass?

I liked it better when it was...

V for Vendetta!



Xcomp Author


I don't think we should discuss the issues between China and Japan here but yes, I think the two countries are taking steps to improve their relations.


Cursed, eh? That explains his bleeding on the plane.




At least, some time for people to ponder about what the hell could happen in China.

And I'm also looking forward to the elite "cursed" KMF the Chinese Federation has in their custody, the Shenhu (God Tiger). Too bad Xingke will be piloting it..




I believe that much of the dispute between china and japan and been resolved, or at least a large portion of the animosity between the two countries has been lifted since the Sichuan earthquake. I've been watching Chinese news via satellite with my dad, and he reads newspapers/forums and what not, we've found that the majority are thankful for the quickness the Japanese sent help in search of survivors and the sense of respect that was given to the dead. Each time the Japanese search team found a dead person, they would bow in grievance and respect. They handled each body as someone precious.