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Code Geass R2 - Episode 6

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Code Geass R2 - Episode 6

Episode 6 Summary - Operation Ambush on the Pacific Ocean

With his dear sister Nunnally who had gone missing now on the phone, Lelouch was desperate to talk to her but couldn't possibly do so with Suzaku right beside him.

As he desperately thought of a plan, he turns round to find Rollo standing behind them. To his relief Rollo uses his time stopping Geass power to freeze Suzaku giving Lelouch just a few seconds to speak truthfully before Nunnally.

Quickly he tells Nunnally that they must act like they're strangers for the time being but promises that he will go rescue her in time. Just as time ran out, he tells Nunnally how much he loves her and resumes his act so that Suzaku thinks his memory had yet to return. Nunnally also plays along as Suzaku is put back on the line. Suzaku apologises for making her think it was Lelouch on the line. After hanging up, Nunnally wonders why they were both lying to her. What could have happened between the two best friends that she knew?

Meanwhile at Britannia's California Base, Guilford is having a little dispute with General Apsom who was in charge of the escort of future Area Eleven Governor Nunnally. He insists that he should join them in case Zero was planning something but the man refuses, believing that Zero is dead and the current one was just an imposter who they shouldn't worry about. Just then, Lloyd appears to inform them that the Lancelot unit they had from Prince Schneizel's mass production line was ready for transporting. They ignore the man as they continue talking about the unit.

As night falls, Kaguya was discussing the situation in Area Eleven as she sat with the prince Tian Zi in China, Luo Yang. She is sorry to let him know of her departure to see how her "husband" Lelouch was doing.

Back at the Secret Intelligence HQ, Lelouch was fidgeting with some chess pieces while he was talking to C.C. The Black Knights had already moved out of the Chinese Embassy but the problem now was what to do with Nunnally. C.C. asks if Lelouch was planning to fight her but of course, Lelouch answers he was not going to do so. He is not going to stand by and let his own dear sister be used when the only reason he became Zero was to create a world she could live peacefully in. In order to do that he will destory Britannia if he has to.

With the anger welling up inside him, Lelouch asks if the one named V.V. was still within the motherland of Britannia but C.C. didn't know. What C.C. did know was that V.V. was the Emperor's first ally and had made a pact long ago to destroy the Gods with him.

At the same time V.V. was present with the Emperor at The Sword of Akasha and speaks to him using his real name Charles. He asks why he didn't let Nunnally know that Zero was Lelouch and the Geass power he had. The Emperor replies to his "older brother" that there was no need despite being called naive.

The next day, Nunnally was on her way to Area Eleven aboard the Logres Class while Suzaku made his way to the Chinese Embassy in search of Zero. Unfortunately, Lelouch was already one step ahead of them and had already left. Soon, the Black Knights were appearing before the Apson's fleet and their target was the new Governor Nunnally. While Apson was distracted focusing his efforts on the Surface Flare smoke screen before them, Toudou, Kallen and a few other Knightmares were already descending upon the main ship. Apson was now regretting his decision to not bring Guilford along.

Moments later, Lelouch had infiltrated the ship, easily getting past all the guards that stood in his way by commanding them to die using his Geass. He finally reaches the garden room where Nunnally was. Their happy times together flash by as he walks up to his younger sister. However, he stops some distance from her when she questions if the Zero before her was going to kill her too just like he did with her brother Clovis and sister Euphemia.

To Lelouch's surprise, she begs him for some time and tells him that what he was doing was all wrong. Without revealing his identity, Lelouch tries to explain to her that she was just being used by the Emperor and that Britannia were the ones who were wrong by trying to obtain absolute power. Nunnally doesn't disagree but she also didn't want to sit around seeking sympathy from others just because of her handicaps. Being governor was something she had wished for herself.

Not knowing that it was her brother before her and praying for courage, Nunnally continues that she believes she can change the world using more peaceful and gentle methods. That is why she plans to continue Eupheumia's will by re-establishing the "Special Administrative Region of Japan" that Lelouch had originally been against. As she invites Lelouch to join her, Lelouch is reminded of the time when Euphemia had done the same before the accident.

Back outside, as General Apsom was worrying about his reputation, the rest of the Black Knights were having no problems dealing with the rest of the fleet until they find a number of Knightmare units approaching them. It was Guilford and he wasn't alone. Suzaku and two other members of the Knights of the Round had also managed to catch up.

They make quick work of all the Black Knights, killing one of the Four Holy Swords, Senba in the process. However at the same time, while making an attempt to redeem his reputation, General Apsom damages one of his ship's Floater engines. Suzaku also manages to retrieve his new upgraded Lancelot "Conquista" from Lloyd's ship and prepares to face Zero but was unsure if it was Lelouch he was up against. For the time being, his priority was to rescue Nunnally before the Logres Class crashes.

After establishing a data link to track down Nunnally's position on the ship, Suzaku is launched towards the Logres Class. Not letting anything stand before him, Suzaku charges forth firing at Kallen who was trying to defend the rest of the Black Knights. Unfortunately, the main weapon arm on her Guren MK-II is destroyed in doing so and she is knocked towards the sea.

Things were looking hopeless for Kallen as the ejection mechanism failed to work. Desperately trying again and again, she thinks of her family as she prepares to face her death. Suddenly, Lakshata appears on her screen to let her know new parts were ready for her Knightmare. A wings unit is launched into the sky and attached to the Guren, transforming it into the Guren Aerial Type Unit allowing Kallen to regain control. She also receives a new upgraded arm that possessed much greater fire power, allowing her to destroy Guilford's Knightmare as she made her way back aboard the main ship.

With the new hardware, Kallen now had no problems dealing with Anya or Weinberg that stood before her. Dashing swiftly through the air, she dodges Weinberg's and Anya's fire then immobilises them by setting her weapon to scatter mode. Both Ayan and Weinberg were impressed but this also helped reinforce Suzaku's suspicions that it was indeed Lelouch who was aboard the ship.

Suzaku stood his ground, ready to confront Kallen again. However, Kallen wasn't holding back either using her new selection of hardware that Lakshata had provided her with. She launches the Gefjun Net to immobilise Suzaku's Lancelot before attacking. However, both of them had other priorities before them. After receiving Nunnally's position from Girl, Suzaku dashes off leaving Kallen behind to track down Lelouch.

Inside, Lelouch was troubled about what to do. He couldn't his true identity and he couldn't take Nunnally away by force or he will end up bending Nunnally's will. Unfortunately before he could come up with anything, Suzaku's Lancelot comes crashing through the walls. Lelouch tries to grab his sister but ends up being blown away by the strong winds as Nunnally cries out for Suzaku. Lelouch watches helplessly as his best friend who betrayed him takes Nunnally away.

Next episode, "The Abandoned Mask"

For some reason (I think we know why), Lelouch loses the will to fight. He cuts off communication with the Black Knights and wander around the streets aimlessly. It is then that the Black Knights are raided by Suzaku as a desperate crisis fall before them!


Well there was a surprise. Didn't really expect Rollo to appear and give Lelouch time to speak with Nunally in private quickly. So besides not working on machines and having a limited area of effect, Rollo's Geass also has a five second time limit. It's a good thing they're tacking on so many limits because otherwise it would have been too powerful.

And looks like Nunally does indeed have a different ideal world in mind and what's more, it's the same ideal as Euphemia's.

Also good to see Kallen's Guren getting an upgrade. Suzaku pretty much dominated the first season with his Lancelot so it was nice watching her facing him and all the Knights of the Round so easily for a change even though Lloyd will probably come up with something better again later.

However, it's a pity Nunally decided to stick with Suzaku which couldn't really be helped. I think this helped balance the plot with Kallen's sudden winning streak. At least she seems to have heard Lelouch's cry at the end although I'm not sure what she will make of it later.

Anyway, next episode. It looks like Lelouch doesn't want to be Zero anymore in the preview and will be passing on the role over to Rollo. I think he'll fulfil the role nicely trying to please the brother he's always wanted but, Lelouch will probably still be giving commands because I doubt Rollo will have the same kind of intelligence to pull off what Lelouch has so far.

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Maybe not a direct death for CC, but maybe to end the source of her "immortality" (the ones who gave her the Geass sigil on her body?)... and yeah, dying a scenic death afterwards.

5 dollars that she'd want another kiss from Lelouch before that. ^_^



Calvin Michel Sidjaja

I'm trying to guess the plot here.

1. LeLouch discarded the mask
2. Rolo becomes Zero
3. This new Zero screwed up the Black Knights
4. LeLouch feels him being needed
5. LeLouch returns to rescue

It's typical plot that usually happen, unless sunrise makes another unpredictable storyline though, let's hope so. It would be bad for LeLouch if he's losing the support from Japanese, and Rolo is nowhere as genius as LeLouch.

For C.C., I'm trying to making a guess that's she's looking for her death (an overused plot for immortal, magical girl in anime despite the angsty-ness) though it's probably more than that.



Xcomp Author

The rest of the Black Knights don't know who Zero is yet so, even if Lelouch decides to pass it on to Rollo they won't know. I really doubt Rollo would do as good as a job guiding them, though.

The question is, if Lelouch abandons his role then, will he still be able to fulfil whatever C.C. needed him to do in the first place? I don't think she's revealed what her goal is yet.



Calvin Michel Sidjaja

btw, just notice about Rolo to be zero... I think the previous preview pics were probably not mistaken. I really remember that some anime magazines portraited Rolo as the Zero, I guess we'll just wait how will things work on.




Rollo gets to be Zero? Hmm...?

And once again, Kallen deserves to be called "the second coming of Domon Kasshu". After mastering the Shining Finger, she now uses the "Erupting Burning Finger".

I do hope she masters the Sekiha Tenkyoken next. ^___^



Calvin Michel Sidjaja

This ep is rather heartbreaking, I'm getting emotional especially because LeLouch probably lose the reason he lives, the reason he becomes Zero.

Or perhaps this is the sign LeLouch's character will mature? He hasn't evolved since the first season, fighting only for his personal goal. Now he has the trusts from many people, will he dump it for sake of his own selfish goal? Let's wait and see. (Though I also hope Nunally will switch her place...)




Thanks for the overview! I always enjoy reading your posts, different perspective/translation etc...

Keep up the good work :D /cookie