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Persona 4, New Character Kanji Tatsumi and Dungeon Revealed

Persona 4

Persona 4, New Character Kanji Tatsumi and Dungeon Revealed

Looks like this will be the final cover for Persona 4 since it's being used in the Famitsu magazine. Not that that's a bad thing.

So it looks like one of the character's new name is Kanji Tatsumi, a delinquent. One day the MC is watching the news on TV when Kanji appears with his face and name censored because of his age. Ryotaro says he knows the boy and that he was a young offender who attended the same school and year as the MC. It might be best if the MC was careful around him.

However, after what had happened to their Senpai Konishi, the MC and his friends had formed their own "Special Investigations Team" and decide to follow Kanji when they spot him on Mayonaka TV. Unfortunately, Chie and Yosuke ends up being caught.

Eventually the team ends up in a sauna-like dungeon trying to find him. One of the new features in this game (that P3 didn't have anyway) is that you will now need keys to open some chests.

Rumours around Inaba has it that Kanji has "wasted" entire gangs by himself during his middle school years.

The lone wolf's initial Persona is Takemikazuchi, the God of Thunder in Japanese folklore. He is also known as the God of War or God of Swords. He is worshipped in many shrines such as around Kagoshima in Japan.

And finally, Famitsu wants you to pay attention to the other two unknown characters on the boxart which I'm sure many have already done. In other words, stick with Famitsu to learn more!

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