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Persona 4, Yukiko Amagi Profile and Murder Keyword

Persona 4

Persona 4, Yukiko Amagi Profile and Murder Keyword

Yukiko Amagi's profile has been added to the Persona 4 website together with a video. There's also a reminder about the midnight surprise if you don't know already.

Yukiko Amagi

As the daughter of the mistress of a long established high class hotel, Yukiko has a very busy daily schedule. She also awakens as a Persona User but how is she connected to the incidents...?

 Yukiko Amagi

The video description for "The Daughter of the Established Ryokan (Hotel)" goes onto talking about the facts we already know from the Famitsu magazine, saying how her home the "Amagiya Ryokan" is a well-known high class hotel. However, it also mentions that just like Chie, she also has a certain darkness surrounding her heart.

Yukiko dating sim part.

Yukiko tells the MC how she's never left the rural town of Inaba so she doesn't know what it's like to be a transfer student. She is also always going home earlier than the others so she doesn't know how the MC is getting along at school either. Hesitating a little, she asks how the MC is getting along with Chie and the choices are:

  • "I'm getting along with her"
  • "She's ignoring me."
  • "I don't really know."

She's very glad when she hears the first choice and says Chie is a very reliable friend who is always supporting her.

Murders, Early Investigation

A bizarre corpse is found on a foggy day and the police are unable to find out the truth behind the incident.

No clues on the murders.

In the video the young officer can't find any other pieces of evidence linked to the murderer at the crime scene. Ryotaro Dojima tells him they don't know if it's a murder yet but, the officer insists it is because no corpse would look like the way it is if it was just an accident. There's now been two unexplained cases which means the murderer must be the same person and there's a serial murder going on. But why are the corpses the way they are...?


I haven't heard any of Ami Koshimizu's other roles but, I think her voice suits tomboy characters more. Or maybe it's because I got that impression from Code Geass.

The track playing in the murder video sounds very similar to the P3 tracks. I know Shoji Meguro is responsible for the music again but, with the music in the trailer sounding so different, I wasn't really expecting any similar tracks.

So... When will they start referring to these murders as "Reverse" cases?

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Xcomp Author

You must be thinking of Shadow Kuma. Pretty gruesome!




I wouldn't be surprise if Kuma suddenly turn into a monster and attack the player. :P

First noticed Ami Koshimizu when i watch Aika R-16 where she voices Aika Sumeragi.
Shes a pretty good singer too.



Xcomp Author

No I haven't. These must be this week's coverage of P4 by Famitsu.

Kuma appears to be a support character like Fuuka from P3 so no, he's not playable. He can analyse Shadows and summon the Persona "Kintokidouji".

I'll be sure to cover the rest of the info soon.




thanks for posting episode synopsis's of all the Persona trinity soul episodes. I watch them in Japanese and try to understand with the little Japanese i know and then i come here and read you review to help me understand! thanks so much!



Xcomp Author

You're right, she does indeed sound different as Tenma. Never did watch School Rumble. However, I recognised both her and Fukuyama's voice in Spice and Wolf because of their tone. I was suddenly thinking Lelouch and Kallen watching the pair ^^;

Here, I think she's lacking a bit of sophistication that Amagi's supposed to have being the daughter of a rich family and being trained as a hostess. She sounds like Kallen when she's pretending to be a weak girl incapable of being a Black Knight.




It's my first time posting here but I've been reading your blog for persona trinity soul updates. About Ami Koshimizu, you should try hearing her other roles such as Tenma in School Rumble, Horo in Spice and Wolf, and Nina in Mai Otome. She has somewhat a good range of voices and can express different emotions quite well for someone so young. Tenma is vastly different from her Kallen. She voiced a ditzy, silly type there. I hardly recognized her voice.