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Episode 5 Summary - School Swimsuits & Vampire

The girls cheer as the unstoppable Tsukune dribbles his way towards the goal and scores with his "Driving Shot". His team mates surround their star player to celebrate before he walks off to where Moka was waiting. Under the brightly lit background near a tree, they hold each other ready for their first kiss.

The unstoppable Tsukune.

Unfortunately, Tsukune soon wakes up from his dream after a bite from Moka. It was just another day at Youkai Academy and the pair were just on their way to the school. Tsukune wonders if she understands how he feels about her but, judging by the satisfied look on her face after her early morning meal, he concludes she probably doesn't.

Yummy morning blood.

Soon in class, they learn the school was going to make the Youkai students learn about club activities that humans have so that they could understand their race more. Tsukune remembers the dream he had earlier and appears to be very happy at the thought. A festival is held for students to introduce their clubs and Moka and Tsukune goes around the stalls to see what's available. There was quite a few that gave Moka a scare such as the ghost photo, acupuncture and mummy club.

I'm sure Tsukune's not complaining.

Before long, they arrive at a stall that seemed be catching a lot of attention. It was the swimming club and a whole group of girls were lined up posing in their bikinis. The leader Tamao Ichinose was looking for guys to join the currently all girls club and assures they would be well taken care of if they do. She blows a kiss over to Tsukune in the back of the crowd.

Tamao Ichinose with the swimming club.

Needless to say, every boy is captured by the sight before them including Tsukune himself. He used to go to swimming school so maybe by joining, he'll be able to show his qualities and impress Moka. He falls off into another dream of his again. Moka hesitates mentioning something about the water. Seeing Moka has no intention of joining, Tamao suggests Tsukune joins alone. She will look after him. Angrily, Moka decides she will join too but much to her discomfort.

At the pool, the guys were enjoying their time being taught by the girls. Tsukune himself was being taught by Tamao and felt a little embarrassed with her being so close to him. Meanwhile, Moka was watching by the pool and soon couldn't control her jealousy any longer.

Moka welling up with jealousy.

She stands up, shouting at Tsukune accusing him of joining the club so that he could get to know the cute girls. She starts to run off but backs off when a small splash of water almost hits her. Tamao smiles, saying how they were acting like children and hints heavily at Moka that when it comes to relationships between males and females, it's all about stealing from one another. She tells Moka to leave since she wasn't swimming. Moka runs off at the edge of tears helplessly. She seemed to be terrified of the water.

Just as Makoto tries to catch up with Moka, Kurumu and Yukari also appears at the pool ready to make good use of their chance while their "rival" isn't around. However, they still had each other to compete against. As they fought, even Tsukune couldn't do anything to stop them.

Tug of war again.

Outside the pool, Moka was still suffering from the water that got splashed on her earlier but that was the least of her worries. She wanted to stay by Tsukune's side but couldn't. That moment, her rosario glows again. Vampire Moka did not want her acting so foolish over a human male and tells her to forget about him. The body also belonged to the second personality Vampire Moka so she did not want it to get harmed. Water contains a high level of purification effect thus when a vampire's powerful Youkai aura gets into contact, there is a powerful electrifying effect. That's why even when Moka needs to wash her face, she uses herbs to lower the water's effects.

Helpless Moka.

By now, the swimming club was running all sorts of contests as part of their recreation time and both Kurumu and Yukari were taking part. These included the all singing "Exciting Girls Only Swimming Contest" and the "Girls Only Porori Obstacle Race". Eventually all the members break up into two teams red and white, competing with one another in the "Porori Girls Only Calvary Battle" contest where they must steal each other's top. Yukari won in this one. Meanwhile, Tsukune had other things on his mind and Tamao takes this opportunity to gain his trust.

Tamao tries to gain Tsukune's trust.

Moka was now considering returning to the pool but just as she struggles to get up, Vampire Moka speaks asking if she wants to go through "that memory" again. She also tries to convince Moka Tsukune knows nothing about her and that she should not get involved with humans. However, Moka ignores her warnings and continues to make her way back to the pool.

At the pool, Tamao and the other members had finally revealed their true forms, mermaids that lured in men with their beauty and then absorbed the life force out of them. There are legends that they are the ones that make ships sink at sea. This was the reason why Tamao had her eyes on Tsukune. He had the delicious smell that only a human had. As she reveals her true nature, Kurumu and Yukari tries their best to go help him only to be blocked by Tamao's helpers. Moka also makes it just in time before Tamao was going to take a bite.

The mermaids reveal their true forms.

Seeing Tsukune in danger, Moka dives into the pool regardless of the dangers it meant for her. The pool lights up with electricity at where Moka made contact as she struggles to move. However, with the help of Kurumu, Tsukune breaks free of Tamao's hold, rushing to the sinking Moka and manages to rip her rosario off.

Moka transforms but even then, the class 'S' Youkai struggled to move against the large team of mermaids. She was in their territory now. Just then, Kurumu and Yukari helps knocking out most of the mermaids. Freed enough to move, Vampire Moka leaps into the air so that she was out of the water, luring Tamao towards her and then knocks her into a net. The battle lasted for eighty-five seconds.

Even Vampire Moka is weakened.

Tsukune rushes to Vampire Moka's side only to get slapped. She tells him that he doesn't understand a thing about Moka and doesn't need someone who only thinks about themselves. Quietly, she walks off saying the other Moka had been crying. Seeing the pain Moka had been in, Tsukune now realised he was the one that didn't understand Moka.

Tsukune is awakened.

The next day, Moka never attended class. Tsukune goes off to find her and apologises, making his decision to quit the swimming club and go for something that both he and Moka could join. Moka puts on a forceful smile saying he could stay with the club if he wanted to but Tsukune wanted to be with her.

Moka never attended class.

Teacher Nekonome just happened to be sitting nearby and overhears their little conversation. She had a newspaper club running and asked if they were interested in joining. Much to her delight, the pair answers yes along with Kurumu and Yukari.

The pair makes up.

Next episode, "The Newspaper Club & Vampire"


Fanservice just went up a notch in this show, beating episode two with its "porori" contests which is the word used to describe swimsuits falling off girls by accident. I was expecting a fanservice filled episode but, didn't expect Gonzo to go this far with little Yukari having another new move. They even did parodies of the Captain Tsubasa show and dating sim Tokimeki Memorial during Tsukune's little dream.

I wonder if this is the storyline the DS game is based on? The settings seem right for the "Miss Youkai Contest" except Moka didn't join and the other girls haven't appeared in the show yet.

Again, a very thin storyline going on. All I learned from this show was Vampire Moka is Moka's second personality, their weakness is water and they seemed to have had a relationship with a human long ago that ended in sadness. That's pretty much it but I think this episode kind of strengthened the image of Tsukune and Moka's relationship too. So, I wonder who Vampire Moka fell for?

Next episode we see the characters starting out in the newspaper club but, since there's the mention of a peeping tom, I think we can be sure the fan service will be continuing close to this level. So when are the big bad guys going to actually give them a challenge?

Anyway, those interesting in the opening and ending songs like me will be glad to know Nana Mizuki's single "Starcamp Ep" is due out next Wednesday. Perfect for those getting red pocket money on the day following Lunar Chinese New Year, eh? I just want the ending song, though.

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